Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miners Alley Playhouse

                                            Paige L. Larson as Emily Dickenson
     Paige L. Larson infuses great humor and gentle pathos into her portrayal of poet Emily Dickenson. Her outstanding performance in William Luce’s one-woman play is indelible and unforgettable. We meet the poet at 53 dressed in an unadorned floor length dress of bridal white that’s sliced in two with a powder blue sash. Her coif ( a brown wig really) is that of any spinster living in 1862.
     Although Miss Dickenson describes religion as “grim” Ms. Larson’s delivery of a remembrance of the wheezing sermon of decrepit Reverend Leland is hilarious.
     Larson is great at involving the audience. Whether sharing a recipe for Emily’s “black cake” with a lady in the first row or retrieving her pencil from her near final curtain, all in attendance are her closest confidantes all through the show.
     Paige L. Larson is one of the theatrical treasures of our state. Whether you’ve seen her brilliant work in such plays as “A Picasso,” “Woman and Scarecrow,” and “Night of the Iguana” or not, you must see her smashing Emily Dickenson!
     Rick Bernstein’s direction gives us an homage to the poet which is graced by Ann Piano’s fine costume design and Jonathan Scott McKean’s mood-altering lighting. The sound design also done by director Bernstein and Alli B., is especially delightful in its crisp delivery of some fine classical strings. Bernstein’s overseeing of all these elements of the production creates a sensitively nostalgic evocation of the past.
     Richard Pegg’s simple straight-forward scenic design gives us a well appointed bedroom, parlour and living room in the Dickenson home in Amherst, Massachusetts. Fine looking period furnishings and a few antiquarian books speak volumes (sorry!)
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"The Belle of Amherst"
July 20-Aug. 26
Fri. and Sat. @ 7:30 and Sun @ 6pm (Sun. Aug. 19th @ 2pm only, no 6pm that day)
$19.00 - $26.50; senior, student and group rates available.
303-935-3044 or online at

Miners Alley Playhouse, 1224 Washington Avenue (13th and Washington 2nd floor entrance on 13th) in Golden, CO.Marlowe's Musings

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