Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Catamounts: through October 16

EDITH WEISS as DEATH (Photo Credit: Michael Ensminger)
     Brandon Jacob-Jenkins' play,"Everybody,"now on view at The Dairy in Boulder, is based upon a 15th century morality play called "Every Man."  Each night, by lottery, a different member of the cast wins the chance to be the central character and deal with the hopes and fears of the mortal self in Time.
      As in the earlier version, God summons Everyman by means of his side kick, Death. 
      The action takes place in the center of a large circle of straight back chairs in which audience members may (or may not) find themselves seated next to one of the cast members.
      Karen Slack opens the evening by engaging the audience with her dramatic flair, first by reminding the audience of points of theatre etiquette such as silencing cell phones and unwrapping candy. In a very short while she has become an arrogant, commanding God in the midst of stunning flashes of light provided by lighting designer Jacob Welch and thunder thanks to Kenny Storms' sound design.
     As God, Ms. Slack summons her side kick,Death, played by the hilarious Edith Weiss, and commands her to do her grim duty. It is to be noted that these two women are two of Colorado's premier talents and when they're onstage the show is absolutely riveting. When they leave the stage we long for their return. And they do!
     Hanging above the playing space are numerous bolts of colored fabric and props by Amanda Berg Wilson.
     Tricia Music's costume design includes, among other things, a giant gold lame trophy in which Jason Maxwell delivers one of the provocative monologues.
      The delightful cast also includes a wonderfully animated Peter Trinh as well as Tresha Farris, Hossein Forouzandeh, Ilasiea Gray, Lily Gruber and Bernadette Sefic.
      Also...there is a scene near final curtain involving a dance that you simply must see - and that you will never forget! (No spoilers here.)
            Be sure to arrive early enough to find a parking space. The various plays and art installations at The Dairy are extremely popular!!!
      I got there an hour early and could not find parking for blocks. Luckily the very kind manager of Dominos Pizza on Canyon and 26th allowed me to park in one of her parking spaces. So grateful!
      Go support The Catamounts' production of EVERYBODY.

        For tickets call 720-468-0487 or go online at

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Eddie Schumacher as Uncle Fester with the Addams Family Ancestors

Vintage Theatre’s production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a Socco Boffo Smash!

     Let me state my case.

      Exhibit A: the director. Bernie Cardell has directed the proceedings with consummate skill with regard to casting Eddie Schumacher as Uncle Fester, Liz Brooks-Larsen as Morticia and William B. Kahn as Gomez. Come on!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this.  

William B. Kahn and Liz Brooks-Larsen

And Cardell’s pacing is outrageously well done…something of a tango one might say.
     Exhibit B: the technical work is AMAZING! Susan Rahmsdorff-Terry’s costume design resurrects the Addams Family ancestors (the chorus) in glamorous garb that makes them all white as a ghost with a delightfully macabre make-over to die for. (Sorry.)
       Choreographer Heather Westenskow  gives these dancing dead (the corpse de ballet?) some routines that are filled with true joie de mourir. (Sorry again.)    
      The scenic design by Ryan Walkoviak entombs them all in a house haunted by the je ne sais quoi of a dungeon combined with that of a cemetery. 
     Exhibit C: The superb music direction by Brandon Bill, who keeps those boys and ghouls stepping out of the closet and onto the stage with awesome musical accompaniment by the just-off-mausoleum stage band that keeps them all spinning in – and out – of their graves. 
      Exhibit D: Lighting designers Steve Tangedal and Will Melendez give the cast just enough  shade to appear as death warmed over.
       As for the acting and singing of Mr. William B. Kahn and Liz Brooks-Larsen, you will adore both his and hearse! 
      The brilliant Ms. Alexa Marie Rodriguez (Wednesday) and Mr. Gabriel Waits (Pugsley) inflict their torturing performances with gleeful abandon.
     But it’s not all so grave!  Without giving out any spoilers let me just say that the actors who play the normal characters in the play are excellent as well. They are: Faith Siobahn Ford(Alice Beineke), Doug Herman(Mel Beinike) and Elisha Horne(Lucas Beineke).

     I rest my case… 

          Run to get tickets! (People are dying to get in.)Marlowe's Musings

Vintage Theatre presents
“The Addams Family” 
The ghoulish American family is delightful in this devilish musical comedy.
Sept. 13 – Oct. 27
Fri., Sat. and Monday, September23at 7:30 p.m.; Sundays at 2:30 p.m. 
Tickets are $19 - $38 or 303-856-7830. 
Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora 80010.

Friday, September 20, 2019

1245 CHAMPA STREET STUDIO:   Sept. 19-28
Laura Jo Trexler’s PLAY ON is  A MUSICAL ROMP WITH SHAKESPEARE’S WOMEN.  It’ s all that and so much more!
    Ms. Trexler, who wrote this enjoyable and totally accessible piece, accompanies herself on the piano all the while singing of the wonders and woes of Shakespeare’s female characters.
     Trexler's songs are as emblematic of women's struggle to free themselves from the chains of the past as those sculpted slaves Michelangelo created were to free themselves from the marble.
     Now on view at 1245 Champa Street Studio, you can expect an innovative and diverse evening of musical theatre, addressing both the comic and the tragic.
     Trexler will entrance you with her multi-faceted performance.  The stylistic differences she uses to evoke Shakespeare's women in  her lyrics, vocals and acting are legion. Although she leans into the Elizabethan text, her inclusion of modern English makes all this a rare treat not only for the fan of Shakespeare, but also for the theatergoer just looking for an evening to sit back, relax and enjoy.
     PLAY ON was a huge hit at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and is scheduled to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next. 
      Don’t miss this rare chance to learn the inner points of view of Shakespeare’s women.      From a Juliet, who wishes to make her own choices in love, instead of having an arranged marriage to the dark dream of Ophelia, from a smitten Rosalind to a frightening Lady MacBeth all sung and acted by this accomplished actor/singer/writer.  

For tickets go online at or call 720-583-3975.Marlowe's Musings

Friday, September 13, 2019

THE BUELL THEATRE: 9/11 – 9/22

L-R: Anthony Festa and Emily Bautista (photo credit: Matthew Murphy)

MISS SAIGON explodes across the stage of The Buell Theatre with soaring vocals, brilliant acting and astonishing technical effects!
   The book for MISS SAIGON by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, leans heavily upon the libretto for Puccini’s MADAMA BUTTERFLY. This time, however, the geisha and American lieutenant are replaced by a 17-year-old bar girl and an American G.I.
     The whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage of Kim and Chris is followed by a harrowing story in which we as audience are brought face to face with the horrors of the Viet Nam War and its devastating results – not just upon the adults of the time, but also upon the children born of this horrible time. 
     Just as in the Puccini opera, there are obstacles galore for these two lovers.
     The music for the show by Claude-Michel Schonberg, with lyrics by Alain Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr., is powerful and dramatic in its reflection of the sweep of history, as well as poignant and heartfelt describing the romance.
     Nominated for eleven Tony Awards, the show won three.
     Emily Bautista is luminous as Kim. Anthony Festa delivers a powerful portrayal of Chris. Festa’s singing of “Why, God?” as he tries to come to terms with the timing of his falling in love with Kim and his orders to return to the states, is superb. Ms. Bautista’s singing of “Little God of My Heart,” is unforgettable. Together Ms. Bautista and Mr. Festa give us magnificent duets such as “Sun and Moon” and “The Last Night of the World.” 
     Red Concepcion’s performance in the role of The Engineer is indelible. Briber, hawker and pimp, the Engineer is the consummate conniver and survivor. Concepcion’s performing of “The American Dream” is breathtaking!
     J. Daughtry gives a dynamic performance as Chris’s buddy, John. Mr. Daughtry’s singing of the heart-rending “Bui Doi,” revealing the plight of children born of the union of American soldiers and Vietnamese women, will tear you up.
     Jinwoo Jung’s acting of the role of Thuy is exceptional.
     It’s thrilling to see local actors Matthew Daley (ensemble) and Rae Leigh Case(swing) in this touring production.
     Mick Potter’s sound design is outstanding.
    Under the baton of conductor Will Curry, the orchestra in the pit finds perfect balance with the actors/singers onstage. 
     The impeccable casting and quick pacing of director Laurence Connor creates just the right urgency to drive this heart-wrenching story forward.
Run to get tickets!Marlowe's Musings

For tickets call 303-893-4100 or go online at