Monday, December 13, 2021



     Benchmark Theatre’s production of Steve Martin’s “Meteor Shower” is excellent. 

     Martin’s play, however, is another story.

            First the good news.

Tina Anderson’s ultra-modern scenic design is the superb work that Denver audiences have come to expect of her.

Likewise, John Hauser’s sound design is most memorable.

    The cast did the best they could with the material.

      Corey Exline(Corky), Colleen Lee(Laura) and Jeffrey Parker(Gerald) were all new to this reviewer. One hopes to see all three of these very fine actors again soon upon the Denver stage. As Norm, Denver favorite Damon Guerrasio delivers his usual brilliant work.

     Although a few members of the audience appeared to be enjoying the play, this reviewer did not find the material anywhere near the excellence of Steve Martin’s writing of Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

      In this reviewer’s not so humble opinion it would have helped had Mr. Martin given his audience a set-up prior to thrusting them into this abstract melee. Certain playwrights can eliminate the set-up and remain unscathed: Albee, Beckett, Ionesco.

    Go and experience this play and see what you think. It’s important to support Benchmark, which is one of the most important production companies in town.

    Nevertheless… this tiresome and unfunny play was not this reviewer’s cup of tea.


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