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JAN 12 – Extended through FEB 25

By popular demand!

Maya Ferrario and Lars Preece (photo credit RDG Photography)


With book and lyrics by Lisa Kron and music by Jeanine Tesori, “Fun Home” is an adaptation of a graphic novel with the same title. 

     The show won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2015. 

     Bechdel’s work tells the story of her discovery of her sexual orientation as a lesbian, and her relationship with her gay father who was ‘in the closet.’ 

      The non-linear presentation allows us to see Alison through her memories (“It All Comes Back”) of her childhood growing up in the family funeral home (hence the title: “FUN HOME”) run by her father.   

     Director Emma Rebecca Maxfield has wisely chosen to stage “Fun Home” in the Bond-Trimble Theatre. The intimacy of this space lets us as audience experience this taut, tense and emotionally charged production up close and personal.

     The young actors Maxwell has cast do a fine job with the acting. Maya Ferrario, River Hetzel and Adaleia Odekirk all give fine portrayals of Alison, Medium Alison and Small Alison respectively. 

     Ms. Odekirk is at her best singing “Ring of Keys.”

        River Hetzel’s singing “I’m Changing My Major… to Joan” begins with intentionally awkward tension and segues quickly into exhilarating triumph singing about the first night with their new paramour, Joan.

     Elise Brianne Todd portrays Joan with a breezy naturalness that’s a joy to watch. Ms. Todd is a graduate of UNC’s musical theatre and dance program. One hopes to see her on the Denver stage again soon.

     Lars Preece delivers a riveting portrayal of Bruce Bechdel, Alison’s father. Whether teaching Medium Alison to assist him in the mortuary or attempting to explain secrets to adult Alison, this performance stuns. This actor’s duets with Ms. Ferrario leading up to final curtain are especially moving. Mr. Preece is one of Denver’s premier actors. This actor has stunned audiences with his acting and singing prowess in recent productions of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” and “A Grand Night for Singing” both at Performance Now Theatre. 

     As Bruce’s wife, Helen, Adrienne Asterita breaks our hearts with her singing of her loneliness and depression with “Days and Days.”

    Marlene Hall does superb work in numerous roles.

     The live theatre band delivers the award-winning score with warmth and sensitivity.


Fun Home contains Adult Language, Domestic Violence, Mature themes, LGBTQIA+ trauma and discussions of suicide.

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Sunday, January 28, 2024





Damon Guerrasio and Lexi Lubotsky (photo credit: RDG Photography)



With Music by Mark Hollman and lyrics by Hollman and Greg Kotis, URINETOWN’s book is also by Kotis. This wonderfully quirky musical was nominated for nine Tonys and won three, including Best Book for a Musical and Best Score.

    Urinetown: the Musical is a satirical work that sends up everything from local politics to corporate greed. It also parodies the American musical itself, poking fun at such musicals as Les Miserables and The Three Penny Opera.

     Greg Kotis’ inspiration for the project was his discovery that a poor student (himself) traveling in Europe had to pay to use “les toilettes payants,” which the students call “les pissoirs.”

     As directed by Robert Michael Sanders, the show is cast beautifully and paced like a galloping racehorse! (Act One just flies by!)

     The incredible cast is chock-full of wonderful musical theatre actors.

     Damon Guerrasio (Marlowe Award for his performance in “Bullets Over Broadway,”) is Officer Lockstock, the narrator. His singing/recitatif of “Too Much Exposition” at the top of the show, is sensationally funny.

     As the amusingly annoying brat, Little Sally, Lexi Lubotsky shines! 

     Jake Bell is our hero, Bobby Strong.  This actor’s singing of “Look at the Sky” and “Run, Freedom, Run,” exhilarate.

     Anne Terze-Schwerze proves to be a musical theatre Star as Hope Cladwell.  Her gorgeous soprano gives us renditions of “Follow Your Heart” and “I See a River” that are ribbons of auditory bliss.

     Liz Brooks is appropriately over the top abrasive as Penelope Pennywise singing “It’s a Privilege to Pee.”

 Ms. Brooks is one of the most formidable musical theatre performers in town. Recent examples are her performances in “Nice Work if You Can Get it” and “Carousel” at Performance Now.

     Jim Hitzke as the greedy Caldwell B. Cladwell shows us just how effective the ‘trickle down’ theory is in Urinetown.    His singing and dancing of “Don’t be the Bunny” are most memorable.

     Mark Shonsey (Marlowe Award for his portrayal of Igor in Young Frankenstein.) is hilarious as Lockstock’s side-kick, Officer Barrel. His mugging and chortling were golden.

     Sam Barrosso, Isabella Duran, Carter Edward Smith, Eliot Clough and Ryan Buehler enhance the proceedings.

    It’s a treat having Ronni Stark doing choreography. Her delicious send-ups of Les Mis and Fiddler on the Roof are the genuine article!

     Jesse Page’s costume design and Dustin Hartley’s and Mike Haas's ramshackle scenic design were both spot on.  The very fine lighting design is courtesy of Mandy Heath.

     Maestro Curt Behm created the awesome sound design.

     The band was uniformly great, too! However, one must make mention of Michael Rosen on reeds. Whether on clarinet or saxophone, Mr. Rosen spiked the show to a level of musical excellence that was awe-inspiring.

     Music director Dan Graeber did a great job!  The choral work was spectacular!


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Sunday, January 21, 2024



Emma Messenger and Torsten Hillhouse


     William Goldman’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Misery, explodes across the stage of the new Miners Alley Performing Arts Center with Glorious performances, Hitchcockian suspense and a Dazzling display of technical fireworks! 

      Emma Messenger triumphs with a powerhouse performance in the role of Annie Wilkes. Reprising her portrayal from a few seasons ago at The Edge Theatre, Messenger digs deep into the troubled psyche of this lady who is a suitable case for treatment!

     The new space allows her more space to expand upon her physical movement and pacing, as well as to unleash the howling of Annie’s inner demons. The congruity of her facial expressions, stage movement and vocal choices is astounding. The range of her expressiveness is seemingly infinite.      

     Whenever she opens her mouth to speak one doesn’t know what to expect. One time it’s a raging psychopathic tiger and the next a pouting, wounded little girl comes out.

     Messenger is one of Colorado’s premiere actors. Run to get a ticket whenever her name is in the program!

    This roller-coaster of a thriller is directed by Denver favorite, Warren Sherrill. From casting to pacing this nail-biter, Sherrill’s directorial prowess shines. 

     Torsten Hillhouse is a thoroughly credible Paul. Being either bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound throughout, the injured writer, can be a difficult role.  Nevertheless, Hillhouse manages to make us feel every twinge of pain and see his desperate thinking process.

      Mark Collins is superb in the role of Buster, the local cop.

     Jonathan Scott McKean’s brilliant scenic design is the professional work for which he has become renowned.

     Amy Arpan’s fight choreography is outstanding. (You’ll see!)

      John Hauser’s sound design leads us flawlessly into the labyrinth of Annie’s devious world, punctuating it with thunder!  Vance McKenzie’s lighting design heightens the mood, pairing flawlessly with Hauser’s sound.

     The new space is a stunner!


     Run to get tickets!



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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Disney’s NEWSIES


JANUARY 5 – 21


L-R: Eli Schroeder, Sarah Atkinson and Levi Randolph

(RDG Photography)

With music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman and a book by Harvey Fierstein, “NEWSIES” is based on the 1992 Disney film.  It recounts the story of stalwart Jack Kelly, who rises to leadership of the newspaper delivery boys in New York City when publishing giants raise the prices on newspapers and put a dent in the carriers’ income. Kelly unifies them and leads them to strike for better pay. (The show is based on the real-life Newsboys Strike in New York City in 1899.)

     Nominated for eight Tony awards, it received two: Best Choreography and Best Original Score.

     In this production, Rebecca Scott Dean’s choreography Astounds! The dancing thereof by the large cast, exhilarates!

      Heather Iris Holt, last season’s Marlowe Award-winner for best Music Director, creates magic from the pit with the rousing, pulse-pounding score. The chorus work is outstanding! “Carrying the Banner,” “The World Will Know” and “King of New York” are all powerfully sung!

     Award-winning scenic designer Andrew Bates has created a strikingly efficient minimal set for the proceedings.

     Director Bernie Cardell has cast the show impeccably and paced it at a gallop.

     Levi Randolph delivers a Jack Kelly that is praise-worthy indeed. Besides nailing the acting, the vocals and the dancing, this actor has the exact right accent for the part. Randolph’s singing of “Santa Fe,” as well as “Something to Believe In”, his duet with Ms. Atkinson, are two glorious examples of his excellent work throughout the proceedings. 

     Sarah Atkinson is stunning in the role of Katherine Plumber, Kelly’s love interest. Ms. Atkinson’s soprano soars brightly through, “Watch What Happens.”  (One must diverge momentarily to thank both producer Ken Goodwin and director Bernie Cardell for bringing young talent of the caliber of Mr. Randolph and Ms. Atkinson to the stage. Their foresight and vision give us great hope for the future of the theatre community here in Colorado.)

     Decked out in Susan Rahmsdorff Terry’s glorious costumes, Michaela Murray belts “That’s Rich” to ear-pleasing perfection as Medda Larkin.

     David Kincannon delivers a Joseph Pulitzer we love to hate as the greedy publishing magnate. His singing of “The Bottom Line” is most memorable.

     Eli Schroeder delivers a heartbreaking version of “Letter From the Refuge” in the role of Kelly's buddy, Crutchie. Schroeder, who is a graduate of the Cincinnati School of Creative and Performing Arts, was born with cerebral palsy, and states in the program that he “was born to play the part.” 


Performance Now’s production of Disney’s NEWSIES is an exhilarating evening of musical theatre.


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