Sunday, June 28, 2020

       BUNTPORT THEATER: through Sunday, June 27


Roughly twenty four centuries ago Aristophanes gave us Greek classic plays such as "The Birds," "The Frogs," and "The Wasps." 
Lucky for us, Buntport Theatre has given us "THE GRASSHOPPERS."
Just as Aristophanes showed us the Greeks with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Buntport holds up the mirror to those of us straddling the blades of grass in our contemporary world of pandemic.
The four comic geniuses of Buntport theatre: Hannah Duggan, Brian Collona, Erin Rollman and Erik Edborg produce theatre magic in the open air now. This indomitable troupe has created a production, which is not only socially distanced for the safety of the actors, but also accessible to the socially distanced audience observing from the safe space of their cars. A sanitized speaker is provided the theatergoers in each car so that we can hear the superb narrative being delivered by Erin Rollman (sometimes like that great narrator, Richard Attenborough.)

Although it is certain that swarms of theatregoers would love to see this production, the show's sold out so far. Nevertheless, once in a while a space opens up. That said, this reviewer recommends that you call and put your name on a waiting list. The space over at 8th and Lipan is centrally located, and well worth the trip.
It's a short 35 minute long piece that is wondrously entertaining. I will not "bug" you with all the ways in which these geniuses of the thespian variety amuse us! Let me just say that it's a theatrical treat that proves how invincible live theatre can be...even in a time of pandemic.
According to many, Shakespeare penned "King Lear" during the Black Plague.  

Not wishing to "bug" you with possible spoilers, I hope you will all get on the horn or the "web" and ask to be put on the waiting list...and that the show will be extended.

Thanks again to each and all at Buntport Theatre, for showing us all how invincible live theatre is, and that the possibilities are endless.