Sunday, August 14, 2022




Alejandro Roldan, Brian Bohlender and the cast of HAIR (photo credit: Sarah Roshan)

Sexy, exhilarating and devastating all at once, Miners Alley Playhouse’s production of HAIR is a stunning accomplishment!!!


     With music by Galt MacDermot, and Lyrics and Book by Gerome Tagni and James Rado, HAIR opened on Broadway in 1968. Nominated for Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical, it won the Grammy for Best Score from an Original Cast Show Album. (The album sold some three million copies.)

   In 1969 yours truly left the boredom of Montana for a jaunt across the pond and a Junior year abroad in Aix-en-Provence.

    On the way I stopped in NYC for a couple of days…and saw HAIR.  

     The New York cast was superb. They were as concerned about stopping the war in Viet Nam and staying out of the draft, as I was. My number came up and I was all set to go, when Father Harrington, the president of Carroll College, sent a note allowing me to be a conscientious objector. (He knew about the peace marches I had led in Helena and Marseilles.) 

      The electricity projected from the New York stage was palpable.  A year later when I hitchhiked from Marseilles to see the London production, I was surprised to find it bloodless, stale and uninteresting. The British were not invested in this war. They were just 'playing Hippy.' 

     I also learned a great deal of my French slang by listening to the recording of the version francais. I never did see the French stage production, but the recording was fiery and fun to listen to. The French had already been to Viet Nam and capitulated. They knew what HAIR was all about.


     The Miners Alley Playhouse production of HAIR is outstanding!!!


Director Len Matheo has cast the show to perfection. He utilizes every square inch of the playing space. Matheo’s concept is driven home by his ability to shift the scenario on a dime from joy to heart-wrenching anguish. This, my theatre-loving friends, is the Genuine Article!!!

      Angie Simmons' choreography of “the largest cast ever at Miners Alley,” is exuberant and sometimes spills over into the audience to great effect.

     Denver favorite Alejandro Roldan’s performance as Claude singing “I GOT LIFE!,” and “MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, ENGLAND” is unforgettable.

     Brian Bohlender’s Berger,going from trousers to loincloth, astounds with “LOOKING FOR MY DONNA!”

     Ben Hilzer endears as the hilariously goofy Woof.

       Preston Adams’ portrayal of HUD is amazing as he leads us into the show with “AQUARIUS,” as well as in all his subsequent numbers.

       Both Bussy Gower as Jeannie, whose pregnant and gas-masked lament about “AIR” pollution is potent indeed, and Katie Jackson as Crissy, whose singing about her ideal - but lost - love, “FRANK MILLS,” provide truly unforgettable performances!

     Valerie Igoe’s Sheila is at her best with the heart-rending “EASY TO BE HARD!”

     Renowned musical director David Nehls commands the keyboards while conducting the superb live stage band. The show's rockin’ music  is piped in from the lobby.

     The Lighting Design by Vance McKenzie stuns!

      Don’t miss this awesome production! 


For tickets go online at or call the box office at 303-935-3044.