Tuesday, August 7, 2018

                      L-R: Roger L. Simon and Joey Wishnia   

     Neil Simon is second only to Shakespeare as far as being the most produced playwright in this country. When you see Vintage Theatre’s production of THE SUNSHINE BOYS, you'll know why.
     Willie Clark and Al Lewis were a top-drawer team of comics who worked together for 47 years on the vaudeville circuit. At the end of that time they had a falling out and didn’t speak for years. When a television network promoter gets the idea to do a show on the history of comedy in America, the two grudgingly agree to appear together on the program.
     That’s all you get to know about the plot. Any more would need a spoiler alert.
     Director Bernie Cardell takes direct aim at the audience’s funny bones, and scores non-stop bull’s eyes all night. Cardell’s casting is the kind you dream about. Even the new faces in the cast will be ones you’ll want to search for in programs in the future.
     Roger L. Simon’s performance in the role of Willie Clark is an absolute stitch. His acting in this play is simply delicious. Simon’s dead pan expressions will put you in mind of the classic comic expressions of silent movie star,Buster Keaton. As Al Lewis, Joey Wishnia counters Simon’s curmudgeonly snarls, growls, scowls and grimaces with an adorable grumpiness. Marcus Turner is most memorable as Willie’s nephew, Ben Silverman. Kristine Bachicha and Ghandia Johnson could not have been better as two nurses with strikingly different approaches to life.
     Phil Cope’s set design delivers nostalgia in the form of Willie’s dilapidated apartment by adorning it with vintage furniture that’s weathered and worn. The walls are covered with aged black and white photographs and the theatre lobby cards of yesteryear.
     Luke Rahmsdorff-Terry’s sound design delights by including some catchy, up-beat tunes, which lead us into the show and bridge the scenes.Marlowe's Musings

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