Sunday, February 18, 2024




                                                            Stuart Sanks

                            (photo credit RDG PHOTOGRAPHY)


     With his direction of The Legend of Georgia McBride, Troy Lakey delivers a glitzy, glitter-filled evening of music and dance that exhilarates. It’s a fast-paced evening that’s cast impeccably.

     Aside from Denver favorite Stuart Sanks, the other cast members were new to this reviewer.

     Sanks, who plays Miss Tracy Mills, is an expansive and dazzling presence onstage. (One still recalls his brilliant performance as Joe in Hunger Artists’ soul-shattering production of Angels in America twenty- seven years ago.) Whether delivering the playwright’s words onstage or ‘workin’ the crowd,” Sanks’ performance sparkles.

   Matthew Combs turns in a smashing performance as Casey, the young husband who, fired from his act impersonating Elvis, shifts from blue suede shoes to high heels in order to keep food on the table for his family. Bringing up memories of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire and Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, Combs as Casey shows definitively that embracing one’s feminine side doesn’t mean leaving his masculinity behind. 

     Clark Jones is superb in two roles: the drag queen, Rexy, and Casey’s landlord, Jason.  Jones’s soliloquy about his (Rexy’s) having been bullied and beat up as a kid, is heart-breaking. 

     Matt Hindmarch gets in some good comic licks as the manager/owner of the club.                       

      Atlas Drake is fine as Casey’s wife, Jo. 

      Cole Emarine’s costume design is eye-boggling to say the least. Mr. Emarine must have been up to his armpits in sequins and feathers for weeks to have designed this fantasia of gorgeous gowns.

      Jonathan Underwood’s choreography delights.

      Ryan Walkoviak’s scenic design provides smooth transition between Casey’s and Jo’s apartment and backstage at the club.

     Playwright Matthew Lopez also penned the Tony Award-winning two part play, THE INHERITANCE (MARLOWE AWARD for BEST ENSEMBLE) last season.

     On opening night, there were some sound issues that caused the show to start a little later than scheduled. Once the glitch had been found and remedied, Jessica Jewell’s sound design stunned!



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Sunday, February 11, 2024





                          Clint Heyn as Gaston 

In my interesting point of view “PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE” is the best play ever written by Steve Martin. I’ve heard great things about “Bright Star,” his musical,  and haven’t had the good fortune of seeing it yet.

    Jill Manser has put together an enjoyable production of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” up at Stagedoor Theater in Conifer. The tech end of this production is superb, and there are many happy-making suprises! 

     It’s 1904 and this imaginary meeting of these two geniuses at The Lapin Agile in Paris is one year before they revolutionized Art and Science. 

One with his mind-blowing cubist painting of “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and the other with his publishing of “The Special Theory of Relativity.”

     The lighting and projection design by Tom Junker are outstanding! Kimberly Colisch(Germaine) and Anakay Hanold(Suzanne/Countess/Admirer) are ravishing decked out in the exquisite costumes created by Cheryl Faulkner and Jennifer Middleton.

     My guest for the evening thought the very well-executed set design by Biz Schaugaard and Dean Aniotes, reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting.

     It was great to see Denver favorite Clint Heyn ( a very funny Gaston) among the actors, most of whom were new to this reviewer.

     Director Manser has a good eye for casting, and visually Brian Dowling is perfect (the haircut is Awesome!) for Picasso.   As Einstein, Alex Hunter gets in some good comic licks, mussing up his hair, bugging out his eyes and sticking his tongue out. 

    There are lots of absorbing ideas about the comparison and contrast of Art and Science as well as how ideas emerge from the past…or was that the future? 

    If playwright Martin could always be this provocative intellectually, and as amusing as he is with this play and “The Underpants: a play,” one might be more encouraged to see his other works for the stage. Unfortunately, unfunny plays like “Meteor Shower” put a damper on that.

     You could have an evening of light-hearted fun taking a drive up the mountain for this amusing fantasy at The Stagedoor Theater in Conifer.


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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Veritas Productions



THIS SHOW IS REQUIRED VIEWING FOR CASTING DIRECTORS! (If you’re a casting director, drop what’s on your calendar for Saturday night, and go check out this show!)


Congratulations to Nancy Evans Begley(Executive Producer) and Amy Condon for their newly formed company, VERITAS.

Their first production now onstage at PACE CENTER in Parker, is bristling with bright, coltish energy that is palpable!

     There is so much youthful talent on that stage that I hope every casting director in town gets to see it.

These children all have talent and have been given such a shot of confidence by Director Katie Reid Milazzo, that they truly become rock stars in their enthusiastic embrace of their various roles.

    The just offstage band is stellar. The dynamite lighting of Alex Hanna brings back memories of his fine work two seasons ago for “FOOTLOOSE.” Matthew S. Crane’s stylish set design, which the cast moves around with enviable grace and ease, is just right for this stage. Alex Hanna’s lighting design rocks! Kurt Behm’s audio design is the outstanding work Colorado audiences have come to expect of him.  

     Madeline Shaffer’s choreography of this huge cast is amazing! Music Directors Michael and Amy Pickering do a grand job…especially in the choral numbers!

     Caleb Reed does a superb job as Dewey Finn, that guy dreaming of becoming a rock star legend, who finds life moving him into a position of inspiring others. 

     Rosalie Mullins is a lovely Sara Metz, the principal who falls for Dewey. Ms. Mullins’ vocals are Outstanding!  Erik Thurston (Ned Schneebly) and Miranda Byers (Patty di Marco) do a great job as the couple who have let Dewey live (freeload) in the basement of their home.

     Standouts in this incredible cast of children are: Christopher Gawlikowski (Zack), Owen Lester (Billy), Liam Dodge (Freddie), Sariah Smith (Tomika), and Gabrielle Gueck (Summer). If I missed anyone, please forgive me. You were all great! 

     Go and see and hear them work their magic. It’s only here for one more weekend.


This show is based upon the Paramount movie by Mike White. With book by Julian Fellowes and Lyrics by Glenn Slater, SCHOOL OF ROCK has new music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


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