Friday, January 27, 2017

Brilliant Traces
Vintage Theatre Productions: 1/13-3/5
      L-R: Maggy Stacy and Christian Mast

     If you missed Vintage Theatre’s first production of “Brilliant Traces” at their old space on 17th Avenue you’ve just been given a second chance to see it. Playwright Cindy Lou Johnson gives us a hopeful and quirky off-beat comedy that presents us with two lovable neurotic human beings. In the playwright’s words “these two remind us of the beauty of the scars that we can feel as we crash through this life.”
     In the silence that precedes the play’s action we observe the solitude of a lonely man in a secluded cabin in the Alaskan woods.
     A runaway bride arrives at the cabin in a blizzard. She downs a few shots of whisky and then faints. The occupant of the cabin is a reclusive man who prefers/requires a solitary existence. Tenderly bathing her frostbitten limbs with warm water and putting her safely to bed, the stage is set for an evening of emotional breakthroughs. Christian Mast’s realistic take on Henry gives us a man mired in guilty memories. Maggy Stacy’s Rosannah has her own awkward emotional baggage which she unloads with a ferocity that’s spellbinding. Both characters are running away from Life.
     Sparked by a compassionate connection and intimate exchanges of disinterred guilty memories, the power of self-forgiveness leads towards redemption. But the healing has just begun.
     Director Bond’s transparent direction elicits performances from his two actors that smolder with passion. Ms. Stacy and Mr. Mast will continue to work their magic on theatregoers long after they’ve left the theatre.
     This evening of theatre provides a warm elixir delivering hope and balance in this time of confusion and paradox and  proving that redemptive and heartfelt love can be a healing balm for buried grief and regret.
     Director Craig Bond also designed the set with timbers, snow and a crackling fireplace.Marlowe's Musings

 Vintage Theatre presents
“Brilliant Traces”
January 13 – March 5
Two lost souls meet by chance in the wilds of Alaska.
Fri/Sat at 7:30 p.m.; Sun. at 2:30 p.m
Tickets are $24 - $30 
Online at or 303-856-7830. 
Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora 80010.

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