Monday, April 25, 2016

     Catch the stars, both new and old, at BDT Stage as they unfurl the tale of a miserable orphan who becomes Peter, the boy who never grows up!
L-R: Jack Barton and Sarah Grover

     “Peter and the Star Catcher” is to James Barrie’s “Peter Pan” what “Wicked” is to Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz.” Both shows are prequels in which we get to see the former lives and evolution of the famous characters.
     This show won 5 Tony Awards in 2012 and was named one of the top ten shows that year by The New York Times.
     Sarah Grover(Marlowe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for “Addams Family, the Musical”) plays Molly, the only female member of this male-driven cast. Molly is independent, resourceful and resilient through all the sea-going adventures in her journey that leads to Neverland.

     Scott Beyette (Marlowe Award for Best Actor in a Musical for “Addams Family, the Musical”) plays Black Stache, the pirate who will become the infamous Captain Hook. Beyette does an awesome job with this plum role. His big scene in Act Two - I’m not telling! - will have you roaring with laughter.
     Wayne Kennedy plays a Smee to be with deliriously funny and nerdy glee. Bob Hoppe adds his signature brand of humor to the character of a somewhat over protective sea-going Nanny named Mrs. Bumbrake. Brian Jackson is a swashbuckling Captain Jack. Brian Burron portrays Lord Aster, Molly’s father.
     Jack Barton does a great job playing the boy who will soon become that famous lad we all know and love who never wants to grow up.
      Amy Campion gives us a minimalist scenic design set in a glorious storybook golden frame.
     Nick Sugar (multiple Marlowe Awards for both direction and choreography) directs and choreographs the proceedings with a lively pace and an eye to those things which will spark the imaginations of children and adults alike.
     It’s a show to which you can take the whole family without worrying about having to shield the kids from the brutality and insanity so prevalent on the evening news. In fact, it may be just the ticket to get your mind clear of the political incivility that seems to be  everywhere in this election year.
      Somewhat of a radical departure for BDT STAGE, “Peter and the Star Catcher” isn't a full-fledged musical. It does have music though, played superbly by maestro Neal Dunfee from his musical island in the auditorium where we can all see and appreciate his and Nick Gnojek’s musical wizardry. 
     And there are songs! Just not as many as usual. The musical number at the top of Act Two is bright, colorful and one of the most hilarious to have graced this stage in memory.
     The inventive stagecraft is everywhere in evidence as the actors create an entire ship-full of magical illusions using such props as a simple coil of nautical rope.
  A few of the wonderful new faces in the cast you can look forward to seeing are: Ben Griffin, Matt Gnojek, Chas Lederer, RJ Wagner and Joel Silverman.

       The show only plays through May 14 so get on the horn now for tickets.

BDT STAGE is located at 5501 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder,CO.
For tickets call the box office at 303-449-6000 or go online at www.bdtstage.comMarlowe's Musings

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