Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Animal Farm
Germinal Stage Denver: 8/22 - 9/14

     “Animal Farm,” George Orwell’s dark serious allegory based upon the author’s disgust at Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian revolution, is now on view at Germinal Stage Denver.
     Nelson Bond’s stage adaptation focuses on the incremental steps used by power-hungry pigs as they enslave their comrades. Their Machiavellian strategy is illuminated with lucid simplicity and one can’t help comparing them to some of the contemporary swine featured on the evening news.
     Since History seems to repeat itself maybe if we all pay attention to the cautionary aspect of Orwell’s tale  and heed its historical message it could mean the difference between having to choose between an all expense paid one-way-trip to the abattoir and wallowing around in a political pig sty while slopping the hogs.
     The show is evenly cast and minimally staged. Besides his insistence on a clear elocution of the text director Baierlein has added the sometimes humorous and more often unsettling use of a shrill “eeeee” whenever an actor encounters a hard “e” in his character’s lines. In this way Squealer’s evil glee is accentuated and Benjamin’s braying terror exponentialized.
     This is the second production of "Animal Farm" that this reviewer has had the honor to see at Germinal Stage Denver. Whether you’re familiar with the professional quality of GSD’s productions or not one must state unequivocally that Baierlein’s productions of the classics are quite simply without equal in the region.
     This time Orwell’s barnyard menagerie includes such fine actors as: Suzanna Wellens, Steven Kramer, Dane Torbenson, Lori Hansen and Randy Diamon.

             Gallop, canter or trot on over to get a ticket.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7:00
Through September 14th
All tickets $20.00 
phone the box office at 303-455-7108 or go online at germinalstagedenver.orgMarlowe's Musings

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