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With music by Judd Woldin, Lyrics by Robert Brittan and book by Robert Nemiroff and Charlotte Zaltzbert, “Raisin” is based on the play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry.

      “Raisin in the Sun” received the Tony for Best Play in 1960. “Raisin,” the musical, got the Tony for Best Musical in 1974.

       “Raisin” describes the struggle of black Americans seeking a better life in 1951 Chicago.  Three generations of Walter Younger’s family are living in a single cramped apartment. After the death of a patriarch, an insurance payout allows for hope for buying a new home to arise. Familial conflict, errors in judgment and ultimate redemption and forgiveness ensue.

     Any musical directed and choreographed by trail-blazing Christopher Page-Sanders makes the viewer feel as though he is being transported to a dreamscape, in which the dream is one of flying. Transcendent and exhilarating beyond words!  Anyone who saw Page-Sanders’ production of “Sophisticated Ladies” last season at the Vintage Theatre knows what I mean.

     As director, Page-Sanders has cast the show with actors who are triple threats and brought in technical staff of the highest and best.

     The cast is led by Denver favorite Mary Louise Lee. One of our premier actors, Ms. Lee commands the stage as Lena “Mama” Younger. Her powerful acting and singing of “A Whole Lotta Sunlight” and “Measure of the Valleys” will make you feel like you’re at a show on Broadway.

     Micha J. Lawrence portrays Walter Lee Younger, the role that got Sidney Poitier nominated for a Tony.

     New to this reviewer, this actor’s performance singing “Sweet Time” and “You Done Right” will make you search out his name in every program.

     Asha Romeo plays Ruth, Walter Lee’s wife, with an endearing stage presence and a lovely soprano. Her solo, “Whose Little Angry Man,” is a delight.

     Blake Channing Taylor is a complete delight singing “Sidewalk Tree” as Travis Younger.

     Heidi Carann Snider is Walter Lee’s sister, Beneatha Younger. Her duet,"Alaiyo,” with Isaac Rosen as Nigerian boyfriend, Joseph Asagai, enchants.

     Bernie Cardell is Karl Lindner, the man you love to hate. He’s the one who’s trying to buy out the Lee family’s new lease in an all white neighborhood in the name of neighborhood gentrification and housing discrimination.

     Donna Debreceni created the wondrous, instrumentally diverse, and ear-pleasing musical tracks. 

     Music Director Trent Hines’ work on the choral numbers such as “He Come Down This Morning” and “Runnin’ to Meet the Man” is exceptional.

     Kurt Behm’s sound design is top-notch!

     The ever-shifting tapestry of lighting by Vance McKenzie is sensational!

     Mike Haas’ fragmentary set design for the Lees’ home works extremely well . 

     The costume design by Hannah Tripp is eye-popping indeed! 

     Aside from a refrigerator door that refused to stay shut, the show came off without a hitch!


For tickets call the box office: 303-794-2787  ext. 5 or go online at





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