Monday, March 4, 2024

 125 "NO"s


                                                         Erin Rollman and Erik Edborg

Lightly skimming over an armature of Sartre’s “NO EXIT,” Buntport Theater’s production of ‘125 “No”s’ is, in this reviewer’s interesting point of view, their best in years.  It’s FUNNY and PROVOCATIVE! All four of Buntport’s intrepid actors get lots of superb lines and a plethora of plum moments! A make-up artist (Hannah Duggan), a special effects man (Erik Edborg), an extra who worries if he will be natural enough onscreen in the role that he performs naturally in everyday life (Brian Colonna), and a script consultant insistent on keeping good morals always onscreen (Erin Rollin) are living a just offstage purgatory! All four of these brilliant comics co-write, co-direct and co-design their original work. 

     Inspired by a quote on a poster in the lobby of a movie theatre  that announced that Greer Garson had to do 125 takes of her saying the word “No”in the 1947 film, “Desire Me,” this original production shines!!! 

     Besides the stunning performances of the onstage actors you can also expect to be dazzled by the offstage voices of such Denver favorites as Jim Hunt( Director), Josh Hartwell (assistant) and Diana Dresser (Greer Garson).

   This existential comedy is absurdist theatre at its best!

     Run to get tickets!

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