Sunday, May 14, 2017

THE EDGE THEATER: Through May 21

                      Emma Messenger and Rick Yaconis

     Adapted for the stage by William Goldman, MISERY is based upon the novel by Stephen King. In 1990 it was made into a film starring Kathy Bates and James Caan. Bates won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance.
    As directed by Warren Sherrill this regional premiere of the new Broadway version is a riveting thriller!
     Emma Messenger turns in a nuanced portrayal of the psychopathic Annie Wilkes. This actor’s portrayal of this twisted, vicious character is simply brilliant. Messenger’s erratic shifts of physiology, facial expressions and verbal tonality are terrifying. What she does with her eyes is mesmerizing.
     Rick Yaconis invests the character of writer Paul Sheldon with an understated terror as he struggles to escape his captivity.
     Both Ms. Messenger and Mr. Yaconis are two Denver actors who know the importance of pausing at just the right beat in the action to create a sort of demonic humor that makes one chortle even as he winces.
     The marriage of the sound and lighting designs allows the intensity of the horror to be intensified at key points in the play. Kudos to both Carlos Flores and Kevin Taylor for their contributions to these magnificent moments. 
     The fight choreography is created masterfully by Seth Maisel. 
      Michael R. Duran's set design is the excellent work Denver theatregoers have come to expect of him.

The Edge Theater is located at 1560 Teller St., Lakewood. For tickets call 303-232-0363 or go online at Marlowe's Musings

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