Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Forbidden Broadway:Alive and Kicking!
The Garner Galleria: 11/15 - 3/1
L-R: Sarah Rex, Jordan Leigh, Chad T. Reagan and Lauren Shealy. Photo by Terry Shapiro.

     “Forbidden Broadway” is the most uproariously funny 
evening of theatre in the history of the world. You won’t even think this an exaggeration when your suspenders pop and your knickers split from laughing at these parodies that are so sensationally well written, acted and sung!
     It’s an all night, non-stop send-up of everything sacred – and not so sacred - In the American musical theatre. From "Les Mis" to "Annie" to "The Book of Mormon,"everything's fair game.
     The gags and jokes go by so fast it’s impossible to ‘get’ em all. It’s the fastest paced show in musical history. (One might say it’s the Indianapolis 500 of musical theatre.)So you – like this reviewer- will just have to see it again! It’s the kind of show that will undoubtedly bring back the record-breaking longevity of shows such as “Always Patsy Cline” and “I Love You! You’re Perfect! Now Change!”
     Martha Yordy provides a sensational musical accompaniment that’s flawless in evoking the musical memories of everything from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Sondheim and Lloyd Webber.
     The show has been cast with outstanding actors from our phenomenal local talent pool.
     Jordan Leigh, who stunned Denver for four solid years in “Love! Perfect! Change!” is back with his outrageously expressive comedic presence. 
     It’s hard to believe but Sarah Rex’s vocal chords and comic timing get an even greater workout than they did in her recent portrayal of the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot! 
     Lauren Shealy, who has performed off Broadway and in national tours of musicals such as "South Pacific" (Nellie) stuns. 
     Chad T. Reagan brings a classically trained voice as well as a command of the comic shtick in such Gilbert and Sullivan operettas as “The Pirates of Penzance.”
     In brief what we are given here is an ensemble of triple threat talents that will work your funny bone til you cry “Uncle!”
     Alvin Colt’s costume design and Carol Sherry’s wig design are both stunning!
     Even though you can take your adult beverage into the theatre people may think you stopped by your local pot shop on the way to the theatre since you’ll be giggling so uncontrollably.
     Trust me! You’re gonna lose it completely! Get over yourself acting cool, calm and collected at the theatre.  All sense of decorum will be a thing of the past as you gasp and guffaw your way through the antics of these four consummate comedic talents. You’ll laugh til they have to drag you out for more oxygen.
     The direction and choreography by William Selby is Magnificent! “Please sir,  I want some more.”

For tickets call 303-893-4000 or go online to denvercenter.orgMarlowe's Musings

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