Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts: Now –Sep 20


The current production of PIPPIN, now on view at The Buell Theatre in Denver, is THE MOST LUCIDLY CONCEIVED AND EXECUTED DIRECTORIAL VISION OF THIS SHOW EVER!

     Director Diane Paulus makes Pippin’s journey so clear and accessible that people who do not know the show or may not have even previously been musical theatre mavens will be WOWED into Musical Theatre Heaven.

      The show might be called Cirque de Theatre! The players, many of whom are professional acrobats, provide the audience with a spectacle that is fraught with meaning...and chock-full of magical fun and music to die for!

     Matthew James Thomas is hugely talented and adorable as Pippin.

      Lucie Arnaz is a show-stopping Berthe! Her aerial performance as PIPPIN’s grandmother, Berthe, is worth buying a ticket all on its own.

     Sabrina Harper’s take on Fastrada, Pippin’s conniving stepmother, is another show-stopper. When she “Spread(s) a Little Sunshine” ear-drums will be happy and eyeballs will be popping out of their sockets. This lady’s sexy performance makes one wish for a revival of  “Lil Abner” so Harper can be cast as Stupefyin’ Jones. Can you say “smokin’?”

     John Rubenstein is a fine Charlemagne. Mr. Rubenstein was the actor who originated the role of young Pippin back in the day. Now he has come full circle playing Pippin’s father, Charles the Great.

     Callan Bergmann portrays Pippin’s step-brother, Lewis with fiery energy and cheerful malevolence.

     Kristine Reese’s enchanting portrayal of Catherine, Pippin’s ‘ordinary’ love is quite “Extraordinary” in her acting and her singing.

     And although there will never be another Ben Vereen… Sasha Allen is absolutely unforgettable in the role of the Leading Player.

     This touring company is quite exceptional. The launching of the national tour of PIPPIN by The Denver Center For the Performing Arts will skyrocket through the country in a blaze of GLORY! I hope you can still snag a ticket!

 Box Office is in the lobby of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex lobby, located at the northwest corner of the Denver Performing Arts Complex at Speer Boulevard & Arapahoe Street.
Hours : Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (except major holidays). Ticket agents also are available at each theatre one hour prior to each show.
Call : Toll-free: 800.641.1222 | Local: 303.893.4100 | Group Sales: 303.446.4829 | TTY: 303.893.9582
Email : Marlowe's Musings

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