Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Graduate
The Edge Theatre: June 6 through June 29

     Back in 1960 something my cousin Jacquie asked me if I thought Dustin Hoffman had more than one hit movie in him?  I said “Yes! He’s gonna have a great career!” And the rest is history.
     Chandler Darby’s klutzy Benjamin is outstanding. His handle on the feigned masking of his character’s confusion and naivete’ is stunning! His spastic knee-jerk reactions to Mrs. Robinson’s straight-forward questions could not be better. And just as I did with my response to Jacquie’s question about Dustin Hoffman I predict a long and successful future for Darby upon the stage. 
     Patty Ionoff inhabits the iconic Mrs. Robinson in a relentlessly dark and seductive performance in which she gets to show off her very beautiful body. It’s a no-nonsense edgy portrayal of a desperately love-starved alcoholic. 
     Suzanna Wellens is superb as Mrs. Braddock, Benjamin’s mother. The measured cadence of her reading of this part adds immeasurably to our enjoyment of the show.
     As the play progresses Adrian Egolf allows us to view the kind of knowledgeable woman that Elaine will become.
     Rick Yaconis’s direction makes the evening fly by.  It’s deft, smooth and swiftly paced.
     The musical numbers that bridge the scenes in Kenny Storms’ sound design are well chosen. They place us perfectly in the groovin’ milieu of this country in the 1960s.

The Edge Theater presents “The Graduate”
June 6 - 29
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 6 p.m; Thursdays, June 12, 19 and 26 @ 8 p.m.
at 1560 Teller Street in Lakewood. Marlowe's Musings

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