Tuesday, June 24, 2014


     Henry Award winner Seth Caikowski has been cast in the role of Shrek, the lonely ogre.

                                       NORELL MOORE AND SETH CAIKOWSKI

     Tyrell Rae is a hoot as Shrek’s side-kick, Donkey - the role voiced by Eddie Murphy in the film.
     The evening on which this reviewer was in attendance found the talented Norell Moore recovering from strained vocal chords. Rebekah Ortiz stood in for her and did a great job as the princess,Fiona.

     Scott Severtson is OUTSTANDING as the diminutive Lord Farquaad. Severtson provides the exact right over compensation for his character’s short stature with a Napoleon Complex, by exhibiting a bossy self- aggrandizement and love of white horses that is a stitch throughout!
     Brett Ambler is hilarious in the role of Pinocchio!
       Matthew D. Peters directs and choreographs this whimsical family-friendly show. 
     Todd Debreceni does masterful  work on Shrek’s (Seth Caikowski’s) green cranium and Pinocchio’s (Brett Amber’s) ever-growing nose. No lie!(Sorry!)
      The Dragon, which was created by Cory Gilstrap of Imagined Creations, is a show-stopper. It’s a stupendous creative achievement. Bravo!


     Amanda Earls voices the dragon with a fiery exuberance that makes one wish she were onstage much more often.
     Joanie Brosseau gets to sing but little in this show. When she does it is the auditory nectar of the gods.
     Adam Paul, Scott Beyette, Wayne Kennedy, Tracy Warren, Jessica Hindsley and Rae Klapperich are all wonderful as blind mice, little pigs and other dis'grunt'led fairy tale critters.
     Linda Morken’s costume design dazzles. The stunning red dragon gown worn by Amanda Earls in the final number of the show is one of the best to have been seen in recent seasons.
      Amy Campion’s glorious set design is outrageously well conceived and constructed.  Set pieces, props and special effects such as exploding birds are all home grown - and home-exploded - at BDT … and they are wonderful!
    With the difficult task of turning a score that’s an ogre’s ear into a silk verse Neal Dunfee and his superb Boulder’s Dinner Theatre orchestra score big time!
     Wayne Kennedy’s sound design is simply amazing. We as audience hear the characters' thoughts being voiced above us, behind us and across the room in a coup this reviewer has never experienced in any theatre.
     One has to recommend that the other local sound designers attend and pay close attention to this astounding work. ("Obi Wan has taught you well, but now Wayne is the Master!")

Boulder’s Dinner Theatre is located at 5501 Arapahoe Ave,Boulder, CO 80303

For tickets go online at Bouldersdinnertheatre.com or call 303-449-6000Marlowe's Musings 

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