Friday, October 5, 2012

The Edge Theatre; 9/21 – 10/21

     The program cover for “Boom” now on view at The Edge Theatre shows a comet racing towards the earth. The show is described as “A comedy about the end of the world and the evolution of the one  night stand.” Hard to imagine that this odd combination will work! Right? But it does. Under the direction of Scott Bellot a cast of three joins forces to create a grid from the overlay of these two blueprints.
                        Left to right: Royce Woods, Suzanna Wellens and Samara Bridwell

     Well, after all, it’s 2012 and it looks like the scribe who created the Mayan calendar has run out of rock. Or did he? The storyline deals with the meeting of two mismatched lovers at a time of global crisis. Royce Wood(Jules) and Samara Bridwell (Jo) are the two comet-crossed lovers. Suzanna Wellens(Barbara) plays that enigmatic thing that none of us has yet been able to define. For now, let’s say she is a sort of Wizard of Oz-like deity who pulls levers, plays drums and sorta kinda orchestrates the evolution, deconstruction and reconstruction of Life on Earth as we know it.
     So what you have here is a couple of geeky kids lookin’ to play and getting caught in the big “Boom!” There’s a sort of sweet silliness to all of this, but inserted into the proceedings are a lot of things you will have found on  Nancy Leder’s site called“” It's  about the “approaching planet Niburu”  
     I think you will enjoy this show if you just go for an evening of entertainment and don’t expect anything more.
Left to right: Royce Woods and Samara Bridwell
      Being a light junkie, by the time the show got under way this reviewer was pretty well altered by all the mesmerizing brightly hued lava lamps. So maybe you         should take this review with a grain… no…a block of salt.
Go and enjoy!

The Edge Theatre presents "boom”
“Sex to change the course of the world!!”
September 21 – October 21
Fri. / Sat. at 8:00 p.m.; Sun. at 6:00 p.m.
Tickets are $20.00
303-232-0363 or online at
The Edge Theater, 9797 W Colfax Ave - Lakewood, CO 80215

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