Tuesday, September 7, 2021




Erica Sarzin Borrillo’s new book, “Chasing Radiance: Memoirs and Musings,” is a beautifully written work that’s as poignant as it is intimate in illuminating the artist’s life. More than that, it’s an invitation to step inside the author’s heart and mind as she describes her mythic journey.

      The artist’s ancestral history unfolds through letters and an interview that provides a portal into the artist’s remembrances of past experiences from the exhilarating to the traumatic.

    Weaving the spiritual and the creative into a wondrous tapestry of memories and visions, Borrillo paints a picture of the author’s mystic awareness of the convergence of the creative life and the spiritual path.

Concluding with journal entries from the time of the pandemic as well as personal musings on the socio-political turmoil surrounding it, this is an insightful book that will endear itself to anyone seeking shamanic guidance in finding her/his way in the realms of creativity and spirituality.

It's available on Amazon.

David Marlowe

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