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VINTAGE THEATRE: 11/22 – 1/5

        Sophia Dotson as Winnie

Based upon Natalie Babbit’s 1975 American children’s novel, Clauria Shear’s and Tim Gederle’s “Tuck Everlasting, the Musical,” looks at the value of immortality. According to the author living forever may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.
     Every child threatens to run away from home at one time or another. In this story Winnie Foster actually does it. When she sees a young man named Jesse Tuck drinking from a stream under a wondrous tree in the town of Treegap, her adventure really begins. Jesse makes sure that Winnie doesn’t drink from the spring and then introduces her to his family, all of whom have drunk the water.  ( I almost said,”kool aid.”)
     A man in a yellow suit pursues the Tucks for his own nefarious designs. (No spoilers here.)
     It’s a family friendly story with music by Chris Miller, lyrics by Nathan Tysen and book by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle.  It’s an intriguing musical with a melodious score about living your life to the fullest.
     Thanks to Director Michael O’Shea for casting some exceptional young stars. One must also thank music director Isabella Duran for making those stars shine vocally. 
     It is, however, choreographer Adrianne Hampton who must be lauded for turning many of those shining young stars into a constellation of sparkling luminosity.
     Ms. Hampton’s choreography is breathtaking.
      Sophia Dotson is outstanding as Winnie Foster. Both vocally, and in the acting, Ms. Dotson is a natural. “Top of the World,” her duet with Mr. Tanega, and “Everlasting,” her solo at final curtain, are both indelible.
     Brian Trampler and Nathanial Waite-Lutz as Constable Joe and Hugo, perform a thoroughly enjoyable vaudevillian song and dance duet called “You Can’t Trust a Man.”
     Elton Tanega (Jesse Tuck) is superb vocally. His singing of “Top of the World” and “Seventeen” make this actor’s name one to search out in every program.
     As Mae Tuck, Hannah Quinn delivers the poignant number, “My Most Beautiful Day,” with heartfelt gusto.
     Recalling such characters as that of Bob Fosse’s portrayal of the snake in the Lerner and Lowe film, “The Little Prince,” Todd Black delivers a vivid portrayal of the disturbing ‘man in the yellow suit.’ This actor’s singing of “Join the Parade” and “Everything’s Golden” at the top of Act Two is most memorable.
     There’s a nice set by Ryan Walkoviak, which features a towering tree, a county fair scene and the quaint and rustic homestead where the Tucks reside.
                        Marlowe's Musings

The cast includes Sophia Dotson (Winnie Foster), Hazel Kachline (Winnie Understudy), Elton Tanega (Jesse Tuck), Hannah Quinn (Mae Tuck), Carter Edward Smith (Miles Tuck), Nick Johnson (Angus Tuck) Todd Black (The Man in the Yellow Suit), Lee Ann Scherlong (Betsy Foster), Kate Bogdewiecz (Nana), Brian Trampler (Constable Joe), Nathaniel Waite-Lutz (Hugo) and Kyriana Kratter (Thomas). Rounding out the cast are ensemble members Kristine Bachicha, Tobi Compton, Elisha Horne, Lauren Kotre, Elijah Meader, Michael Rossitto, Dallas Slankard, Jessica Strong and Will Treat.

Vintage Theatre presents
“Tuck Everlasting” 
After befriending the Tucks, 11-year-old Winnie must decide if eternal life is a blessing or a curse.
Nov. 22 – Jan. 5
Fri., Sat. at 7:30 p.m.; Sundays at 2:30 p.m. 
Tickets are $19 - $38 or 303-856-7830. 
Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora 80010.
2 hrs. and 15 min.
Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

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