Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mrs. Warren’s Profession
Germinal Stage Denver
At the John Hand Theater on Lowry: Oct 11 – Nov 9 

The cast of Mrs. Warren's Profession

George Bernard Shaw’s classic, ‘Mrs. Warren’s Profession” is currently being produced by Germinal Stage Denver at The John Hand Theatre on Lowry. The Pulitzer Prize winner’s play was banned from production for nearly a decade due to its candid addressing of issues such as prostitution and incest during the Victorian era.
          Director Laura Cuetara’s no frills spare production design allows her to cut to the chase with ease. Her pacing comes in at a bright clip and her cast is brilliant to a woman/man. Hannah Lee Ford(Marlowe Award for her performance as Helen Keller in THE MIRACLE WORKER) is luminous as Mrs.Warren’s daughter, Vivie.
          Carol Bloom gives a nuanced performance that’s outstanding  in the role of Kitty Warren.        As Sir George Crofts, the man you love to hate, Stephen R. Kramer, turns in one of his most studied and grittiest performances to date.
         Reverend Samuel Gardner is played with gusto by longtime Denver favorite, Dan Hiester.  Greg Palmer gives Frank Gardner, the Rev's son,  just the right degree of scheming youthful malice to accompany that of Sir George Crofts’ verbal and physical abuse of Vivie. Gary Leigh Webster’s character, Praed (it's only missing the 'y') effectively shows us the harmless 'righteous' in society who go about their lives oblivious to, or in blind allowance of what they might otherwise be able to change…and don’t.
     Ms. Cuetera's production is aided in no small part by the costume design of Sallie Diamond, which is, as usual, spot on!
            One can’t help but think that Shaw would love this production.  What playwright wouldn’t when his polemic is put forth with such clarity and his words so clearly spoken.
          This is one of the greatest feminist plays ever written, and it deserves your attendance. With the current disrespect for women that this administration has fostered we could use a lot more playwrights, who, like Shaw, point out the inherent flaws in a society that limits women’s rights, and then degrades them as second class citizens.

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