Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CENTRAL CITY OPERA: July 13 – August 2
         Joshua Hopkins as Billy Budd 
                          ( Amanda Tipton Photography)

Central City Opera’s current production of Benjamin Britten’s maritime masterpiece, BILLY BUDD, blows the roof off the opera house! It is in all ways exceptional!
     Director Ken Cazan must receive the highest praise possible from this reviewer’s desk. His impeccable casting and attention to detail, as well as his honoring of Britten’s stunning composition and E.M. Forester’s and Eric Crozier’s brilliant libretto, is simply the highest and best imaginable.
     The gorgeous Napoleonic period costumes by Jonathan Knipscher place us right in the middle of the maritime war with France.
     The surreal projections done by Sean Cawelti upon the sails of the ship enhance the exceptionally well- designed set created by Takeshi Kata and David Martin Jacques (also the lighting designer) in such a way as to give us as audience the illusion of being aboard a British man o’ war.
      It’s a memory piece in which the dying Captain “Starry” Vere, captain of the British war ship, Indomitable, struggles with his guilt about not having saved the indentured sailor, Billy Budd, from execution. The handsome young sailor, beloved by all except the master at arms, John Claggart, was brought up on charges of inciting mutiny that were cruel fabrication. Billy becomes agitated at his inquisition and his emotions cause him to stammer. In his unsuccessful struggle to speak and reject this false accusation, Billy strikes out at Claggart, accidentally killing him.
     Vere, a man of principle and philosophy, adheres to the letter of the law and allows Billy to be executed.
        Joshua Hopkins’ singing and acting of the part of Billy Budd is sublime.
      Daniel Norman's superb tenor delivers the part of Captain Vere from the haunting depths of a troubled conscience.
       Kevin Burdette's acting and singing of the heinous master-at-arms, John Claggart, is masterful indeed!
     The orchestra in the pit, conducted by Maestro John Baril, is the stuff of dreams.
   The choral work of this all-male cast is Powerful beyond words
     Sung in English with English supertitles, the work is easily accessible to one and all.
     I grieve for any lover of theatre or opera in Colorado who does not see and hear this wondrous work.

     There are only a few performances remaining. Do yourself a favor and run to see it.

For tickets call 303-292-6700 or go online at centralcityopera.orgMarlowe's Musings

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