Monday, December 17, 2018

BDT STAGE: 11/10 – 1/5

The cast of A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE MUSICAL (Courtesy BDT Stage)

BDT Stage is nearly completely SRO for the holiday season. So much so, that they’ve added extra days after New Year’s. This reviewer and my guest for the evening were lucky to get the last two remaining seats for a sold-out Wednesday evening show. It’s a pleasant holiday affair that’s family friendly. So if you wish to get a seat one cannot recommend too highly that you rush to the box office now! 
     The show features Ralphie (Ned Swartz), the little boy whose only Christmas wish is to find an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle under the tree. The resistance he gets from parents and teachers concerned about his being safe and sound consists of constant warnings such as: “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out.”
     Longtime BDT Stage favorites play the adults in this show! Ralphie’s Mother is played with charm and warmth by Joannie Brosseau-Rubald. His “Old Man” is given exuberant life by Scott Beyette, who also directs this musical. Ralphie’s teacher, Miss Shields is played with wild abandon by Alicia K. Meyers. Remember her Ursula in THE LITTLE MERMAID?  One of the highlights of this show is a fantasy 1930s speakeasy tap number Meyers does with the children that’s reminiscent of the film BUGSY MALONE.
     BDT veteran Wayne Kennedy plays Jean Shepherd, the author, who strolls through the scenes commenting on his life with Mom and Dad as a boy.
     The ensemble features such wonderful faces of the BDT Stage family as: Heather Doris, Brian Jackson, Bob Hoppe, Scott Severtson, Matthew D. Peters and Tracy Warren. Based upon the movie that’s now a huge cult favorite, ‘A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE MUSICAL is holiday fare designed to bring a tear to the eye as we reminisce about our own childhood Christmases.
      Director Beyette has cast a number of charming young actors to portray Ralphie’s classmates and buddies. 
     It is to be noted that you will also get to see Prugh Dunfee, the lovely and talented daughter of music director Neal Dunfee and Alicia K. Meyers.

For tickets call the box office at 303-449-6000 or go online at

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