Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lauren Shealy and Marco Robinson   (photo credit: Emily Lozow) 

 Kitschy, kookie and intentionally campy, XANADU, now on view at The Garner Galleria, is totally awesome, rad and gnarly.
     Based upon the 1980 Universal Pictures film of the same title, it’s the perfect antidote for the five o’clock news as well as a great choice for date night for those seeking feather-weight, fluffy entertainment that’s delightfully ear-pleasing.
       Visually, it’s a rainbow of celestial colors that play out in the costumes (Meghan Anderson Doyle) and lighting (Charles R. McLeod). So whether you’re looking to revisit this cult classic for reasons of nostalgia or just in the mood for a silly, goofy romp enlivened by fantastic actor/singer/skaters - yes, it’s all done on roller skates! - you can’t go wrong getting tickets for this celestial, yet remarkably down-to-earth, (sorry!) evening of musical theatre.
     The story is all about the adventures of the goddess Kira, who comes down from Mount Olympus to be the muse for a struggling mural painter, named Sonny on Venice Beach. Just as in Greek mythology, when the Goddess falls in love with the mortal, all kinds of mayhem breaks out with her goddess sisters and father, Zeus.
     Lauren Shealy ravishes the eye and the ear as Kira, in one of the best musical theatre performances of the year! This accomplished actor/singer/dancer is a Denver favorite who makes Olivia Newton John take a back seat in both looks and vocal prowess.
     Marco Robinson is terrific as Sonny, the struggling mural artist, and Kira’s paramour. This artist is exceptional in his duets with Ms. Shealy: “Magic” and “Suddenly.”
    As Calliope, Sarah Rex dazzles us with her singing of “Fool” and “The Fall.” Ms. Rex has rocked Denver with incredible performances of such characters as: The Narrator in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” and Ellen in “Miss Saigon,” both at The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.
      Sheryll McCallum (Melpomene) is a force to be reckoned with belting out “Evil Woman.” 
     Aaron Vega is the Gene Kelly stand-in as Danny McGuire. This actor, whose character lost his muse long ago, turns in super smooth vocals as Danny, in “Whenever You’re Away from Me” and later as Zeus, in “Have You Never Been Mellow?” 
     Doused with a spectrum of pastels in cotton candy colors and sprinkled with a rainbow of shimmering sequins, it’s certainly visual ambrosia.
       Grab one of the specialty cocktails being served up at the bar – The Zeus or The Kira – and kick back for an evening of blissful musical theatre comedy of the light, fluffy and delightfully entertaining variety.
     With Tag Worley on drums, Dave Demichelis on guitar and music director David Nehls on keyboards, this three-piece onstage orchestra sounds incredibly full!
     The show is directed and choreographed by Joel Ferrell.Marlowe's Musings

 With music and lyrics by Jeff Lynn and John Farrar and a book by Douglas Carter Beane, XANADU will play the Garner Galleria Theatre from 11/9 to 4/28.
For tickets go online at or call 303-893-4100 

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