Monday, November 14, 2016

Hand to God
Curious Theater Company: through December 17
  L-R: John Hauser and Tyrone

Curious Theatre Company is presenting the regional premiere of Robert Askins dark comedy Hand to God now through December 17.
     After the death of her husband, Margery (Tara Falk) and her son, Jason (John Hauser), are given the use of a church basement to help them get their minds off the recent death of the head of the household.
     Pastor Greg has given Margery the task of preparing the students for a religious presentation in which they all use sock puppets. When Jasons puppet, Tyrone, starts taking on a foul-mouthed, demonic life of its own, his (Jasons) pent-up rage escalates into a hysterically funny, if violently horrifying, church basement Hell.
     John Hauser succeeds brilliantly as the timid young man who also personifies Tyrone. Tara Falks superb acting as Margery makes us wish to see her onstage much more often. John Jurcheck is outstanding as Timothy, the outspoken rebel in the class with a huge crush on teacher. The show also features Jenna Moll Reyes as Jessica, Jasons love interest.
     Pastor Greg, whose compassion for Margery is rooted in a play for her affections, is portrayed with an unsettling calm demeanor by Denver favorite Michael McNeill.
     Dee Covington does a Hell of a job with the direction!
     Jason Ducats sound design and Katie Gruenhagens lighting design conspire to create breathtaking mood swings.
     Cory Gilstraps puppet design and construction is Amazing!
     This production is extremely provocative and may cause the viewer to realize that personal responsibility for our words and actions can never be brushed off by saying the devil made me do it.
     This show is not for children.

For tickets call 303-623-0524 or go online at curioustheatre.orgMarlowe's Musings

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