Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Central City Opera: 7/14 – 8/7

L-R: Jonathan Burton, Alexandra Loutsion and Michael Mayes

Central City Opera’s production of Puccini’s “Tosca” is one of the most exhilarating evenings of Grand Opera in memory.

     All the principals deliver powerful performances in both the singing and the acting. Even the vocals of the political prisoner, Angelloti (Stephen Clark) and the Sacristan (Donald Hartmann) are memorable. (When can one ever remember being able to say that?)

     The top notch cast stars Alexandra Loutsion as the jealous diva, Floria Tosca, Michael Mayes as Baron Scarpia, the most heinous villain in the repertoire, and Jonathan Burton as the unfortunate painter, Cavaradossi. You will remember Mr. Mayes for his outstanding portrayal of Joseph de Rocher, the frightening death row inmate in CCO’s production of "Dead Man Walking"two seasons ago.
     Joachim Schamberger’s excellent stage direction brings the suspense in Act Two to a fever pitch as Scarpia closes in on Tosca. Schamberger, who also did the set and projection design, must receive high praise in these realms as well. Schamberger spent last summer shooting the actual locations for the opera in Europe. Enhanced by David Martin Jacques’ masterful contribution in the lighting design, the result is visual magnificence.
     Jacques uses a technique akin to a wipe in cinematic terms, which gives one the impression of ink spilling over certain projections.  The result heightens the drama even as it corresponds to the breathtaking transitions in Puccini’s score.
     Maestro John Baril conducts the luscious Central City Opera orchestra with such vital potency that the results are breathtaking.
     Susan Memmott Allred’s period costumes, especially those for Ms. Loutsion, are dazzlers.Marlowe's Musings

Locations: Central City Opera House, Central City, Colorado
For tickets call 303-292-6500 or go online at www.centralcityopera.org

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