Sunday, October 25, 2015

As You Like It
Denver Center Theatre Company: through November 1
Since I be late and ‘brevity the soul of wit,’ I will be brief.
     Carolyn Holding is that rare commodity - a Rosalind both confident and beautiful who has the ability to mesmerize with a multi-faceted gem of a performance. Maren Bush is fetching as Celia, Rosalind’s partner in exile in the Forest of Arden.
     The performances of Matt Zambrano (Touchstone), Phillip Pleasants ( Adam and Hymen), Drew Horwitz (William) and Adrian Egolf (Audrey) are exactly As We Like Them.  Nick Amedica and Emily Kron provide an amusing-and endearing-acting duet as shepherd Silvius and shepherdess Phoebe respectively. One wishes to see Geoff Kent featured in a larger role. However… when one becomes aware of the fact(s) that he’s not only one of the Lords but also the assistant director as well as the fight choreographer, director Kent Thompson’s casting wisdom is understood.
     The costume design by Denitsa Bliznakova is eye-popping. Of special note is her creation of the exquisite purple gown in which we first see Ms. Holding as Rosalind.
     The Lighting design by Charles R. MacLeod and the Projection Design by Charlie I. Miller conspire to give us delicious visuals.
     If you would like an interesting point of view regarding this play pick up a copy of the book “Marlowe’s Ghost” prior to seeing it and read the chapter pertaining to ' its possible encodement.'  It will make the mystery that is “As You Like It” immeasurably richer and more provocative. Just sayin’!Marlowe's Musings

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