Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Whipping Man
Curious Theatre Company: 1/11-2/15
     Friday evening this reviewer was regaled with the most intense realism in memory at Curious Theatre’s powerful production of “The Whipping Man.”
     Co-directors Kate Folkins and Chip Walton elicited electrifying performances from their three-man cast.
     When was the last time you teared up in the first couple minutes of a production? Sean Scrutchins can teach your nerve endings to feel pain way beyond the footlights!
Laurence Curry(above) 
and Sean Scrutchins

     Please be aware that this production has scenes involving excruciating pain, which are recommended to all lovers of serious drama who are not faint of heart.
     Sean Scrutchins is outstanding in the role of Caleb, a wounded Confederate soldier returning home to two emancipated slaves and the scorched ruins of his home.
     Stepping in at the last minute the always-excellent Cajardo Lindsey turns in a high caliber portrayal of Simon.  

Left to Right: Laurence Curry, Cajardo Lindsey and Sean Scrutchins
     Laurence Curry gives us a dynamic performance in the role of John.
    Exquisitely delivered sound and lighting designs and a magnificent set add to the evening’s enjoyment.
    The “special effects” created by Todd Debreceni enhance the realistic impact.Marlowe's Musings
Thursdays – Saturdays: 8 p.m. Sundays: 2 p.m.
Curious Theatre Company, 1080 Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80204
(Just two blocks south of the Denver Art Museum, near 11th Avenue and Acoma Street.)
The Box Office is located at 1080 Acoma Street, Denver 303.623.0524 or online at

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