Monday, July 15, 2013

Arvada Center: 7/5 – 7/28

   “Curtains,”the whodunit musical comedy by Kander and Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago, Grand Hotel), is currently knocking em dead at Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.  The musical numbers are sensational and the cast is full of the best musical talent in town.

     As Carmen Bernstein the producer of “Robbing Hood,” the not yet ready for Broadway show within the show, Megan Van De Hey delivers an outrageously well-acted and sung performance. When the over the top dud of a diva, Jessica Cranshaw, played superbly by Mercedes Perez, is murdered it seems the show may have hope. Nevertheless…a plethora of glitches continues to plague this production as detective Frank Cioffi (Jim Poulos)… makes the entire cast stay on the premises while he grills each actor to find the murderer.

     Jeff Roark turns in a performance that’s full of deliciously sung ballads including a magnificent rendition of “I Miss the Music.”
Left to right: Colin Alexander, Megan Van De Hey, Jeffrey Roark and Lauren Shealy. Photo P. Switzer

      Colin Alexander is a stitch as Christopher Belling, the harried director. His character has all the best lines and he delivers them flawlessly.

     Besides the aforementioned actors some of the musical theater actors standing out in a cast that is across the board FABOO are: Erica Sweany, Lauren Shealy, Mark Rubald, Scott Severtson,  and Michael Gold. 

     This reviewer thought that “Curtains” would have a rod (Get it?) Lansberry director’s credit. Not so! This time it’s director Gavin Mayer who’s responsible for the superior casting and hilarious break-neck pacing.

     Clare Henkel’s costumes, especially those created for Ms. Van de Hey, are stunning!

     The music direction by David Nehls – he also appears briefly in a very funny moment on stage! – is the professional work Denver audiences have come to expect of him.

     The choreography by Kitty Skillman HIlsabeck is exhilarating.

     The score is delightfully infectious and you will want to run out and buy the original Broadway cast CD if you don’t have it already.

     “Curtains” is full of hysterical gags and beautifully drawn theatrical stereotypes. If you’re even the slightest bit savvy about the world of the theatre you will be buckled over with laughter. It’s a flawless evening that will have you humming the tune for the scrum diddly musical number, “Show People” at final er “Curtain.”

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