Sunday, September 20, 2015

Whether you’re a fan of jukebox musicals or not, this one is so much fun it's unmissable. And whether one has forgotten this or not, the god of any production is the director. So the god of this production is the much-loved and multi-talented actor/director/sound designer Wayne Kennedy.
     Director Kennedy has cast this showcasing of the short career of musical wunderkind Buddy Holly with a cast that delivers the goods with punch and power. Eliciting dazzling performances from BDT Stage veterans and newbies alike, he also gives us an ear-pleasing sound design.
     L-R: Brian Jackson,Brett Ambler and Matt Gnojek

Brett Ambler’s performance in the title role rocks in an amazing portrayal of the glasses-wearing Buddy. Ambler knocks it out of the park with his renditions of such Buddy Holly hits as: “Peggy Sue,” “That’ll be the Day” and “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”
     Brian Jackson and Matt Gnojek give the Crickets, Buddy’s back-up guys, vibrant portrayals.  Jackson’s work on, around and under his big bass fiddle has to be seen to be believed.
                                          Krisangela Washington

Krisangela Washington as Marlena Madison has only one number. Nevertheless … it’s enough to make us pray that there’s a starring role up artistic director Michael Duran’s sleeve for her.
     Robert Johnson thrills us with his deep sonorous vocals. This artist needs to be featured LOTS more on the Denver musical theatre stage.
     Alejandro Roldan is outstanding in his solo of “La Bamba” in our brief time with Ritchie Valens.
                                                   Brett Ambler
     Brian Murray stuns with a pitch-perfect impersonation of J.P. Richardson’s (The Big Bopper) “Chantilly Lace.”
     The ensemble is teeming with incredible talent as well. Among these are: Parker Redford, Tracy Warren, Brian Burron, Scott Beyette, Olivia Beyette, Casey Andree, Sarah Grover and Amanda Earls.
     The ingenious scenic design by Amy Campion gives us a glorious Juke Box in which Buddy journeys from his roots in country western music to his rock n’ roll zenith.
     Jessica Hindsley gives us sensational choreography resulting in breathtaking high energy dancing. It is to be noted that Parker Redford’s dancing is of such an exhilarating nature one hopes Michael Duran has more roles featuring his high-octane hoofing soon!
     As always Linda Morken’s costume design is spot on.
     Neal Dunfee adds fuel to this fiery production with an onstage orchestra for the big finale concert scene.

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5501 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80303
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  1. This place was amazing! Great food, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun. The decor at this venue was amazing as every note of music reverberates off the beautiful walls. Everything about this event space San Francisco is nothing less than 5 stars.