Monday, September 21, 2015

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities: 9/15 – 10/4
In 1977 I was the assistant manager of Cinderella City Cinema and took my projectionist and his wife to the preview of “Saturday Night Fever” at The Aladdin Theatre on Colfax. Unfortunately although we could enjoy the glory of the Bee Gees’ singing we were unable to hear what the actors said on the dialogue track.  It’s been so long that I forget whether it was a problem blamed on the film lab or whether the projector was faulty.
Long story long… I loved the original movie sound track and loved the Bee Gees, but I really never knew what happened in Tony Manero’s story.
     So now I must express my gratitude to Arvada Center and Director Rod A. Lansberry for allowing me to discover what the story of Tony Manero was all about.
     Visually, vocally, and in the acting, the stars from New York City are terrific. Ian Campayno is a super hot Tony Manero with a great voice.    Stephanie Mangano has a figure and voice to die for. Emma Martin’s Annette is remarkable.
     The supporting cast is full of some of the brightest talents in Denver.
     In a gown by Mondo Guerra that sparkles and shimmers  Sarah Rex stuns us as the ultimate chanteuse of the discoteque with “Nights on Broadway.”
     One of the show’s great highlights is a dance competition in which Rae Leigh Case and Roddy Kennedy dazzle us as audience with their talents!
     Youngsters seeing “Saturday Night Fever, The Musical” for the first time should adore it. I’m sure many older folks will, too. I’m not one of them though. Although the actors onstage sang beautifully I was missing those soaring BeeGees falsetto voices indelibly imprinted on my musical memory which, were constantly playing in my head.
     And although Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck’s choreography is its usual superb professionalism, trying to capture and stylize the disco floor is a lot like attempting to put freedom in a cage. 
     A little heavy on the graffiti, Brian Mallgrave’s scenic design, is otherwise most memorable. Shannon McKinney’s lighting design is superb.
Mondo Guerra’s costumes are of the requisite flash and flair. The wigs, however??? Well, it was the 70s.

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