Sunday, October 2, 2016

9/30 – 11/6

Arvada Center’s “Tartuffe” is a delectable confection!

Translated in brilliantly rhyming verse by Richard Wilbur, Moliere’s text delights the ear and tickles the funny bone.
    L-R: Michael Morgan and Sean Scrutchins (Photo credit: Matt Gale Photography 2016)

Michael Morgan’s portrayal of Tartuffe is a studied portrait of the consummate con man. Morgan’s ability to shift from the farcical elements of his character’s sanctimonious hypocrisy to the seriousness of his fly-by-night crook at final curtain, is stunning.
     Sam Gregory is superb as gullible Orgon. If you’ve ever been conned – and who hasn’t? – you’ll easily identify with his character.
    L-R: Josh Robinson and Jessica Austgen(Photo credit: Matt Gale Photography 2016)

Jessica Austgen’s portrayal of the maid, Dorine, is utterly delicious. Her wily manipulations of the stubborn head of the household are hysterical. For lovers of Moliere’s comedy Austgen’s saucy, coquettish performance is what one might call “one for the ages.”
     As Elmire, Orgon’s wife, Kate Gleason commands the stage in her big scene of the attempted entrapment of Tartuffe.
    L-R: Kate Gleason, Leslie O'Carroll and Josh Robinson(Photo credit: Matt Gale Photography 2016) 

     Leslie O’Carroll is hilarious as Madame Pernelle, the matriarch of this dysfunctional clan. Her performance at the top of the play is breathtaking!
     Josh Robinson does an admirable job as the reasonable Cleante.
     Sean Scrutchins(Damis), Emily Van Fleet(Mariane) and Anthony Adu(Valere) portray the younger generation in this family who are at risk because of Orgon’s misguided trust in Tartuffe.
       Director Lynne Collins is to be commended on her concept that allows us to see the timeless universality of hypocrites and frauds who are always on the prowl to prey upon the gullible. One must thank her for polishing this jewel so well!
      Clare Henkel’s costume design, which incorporates and combines elements of 17th century and contemporary fashion, is ingenious.
      Morgan McCauley’s sound design is exemplary!

Arvada Center is located at 6901, Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, Colorado 80003
For tickets call 720-898-7200 or go online at arvadacenter.orgMarlowe's Musings 

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