Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#What Did I Come In Here For?
BDT Stage: 9/9 - 11/12
Foreground:Scott Beyette
L-R above are: Barb Reeves, Wayne Kennedy, Brian Burron and Tracy Warren. Getting upstaged between Barb and Wayne is Bren Eyestone Burron being a good sport(photo credit: BDT Stage)

 “Mid-Life 2” is the sequel to “Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical,” which BDT Stage produced nine years ago.
     The book, music and lyrics for the show were created by Bob Walton and Jim Walton, who are also credited with the direction and choreography.
     The intimacy afforded by BDT Stage is perfect for this type of material and one imagines that this is the primary reason the Waltons decided to showcase its premiere at this venue.
     All the usual suspects are on board for the technical aspects. The scenic design is by Amy Campion and the lighting by Brett Maughan. The audio design is Wayne Kennedy’s work and Linda Morken did the costume design. Maestro Neal Dunfee conducts the fantastic live orchestra.
     Co-directors Bob and Jim Walton have cast some of the most beloved and seasoned actors of the BDT Stage family as well: Wayne Kennedy, Scott Beyette, Tracy Warren, Bren Burron, Brian Burron and Barb Reeves.
     A few of the crises you will encounter on this mid-life journey are those of senior discounts, forgetfulness, and low testosterone (“Classical Low T.”) The song in which we meet ourselves in the mirror the most is “Bucket List.”
     Barb Reeves has a touching moment in which we get a vision of the joy of being a new grandparent: “She called me Nana.”
     The last song before intermission is a frisky
 number entitled, “The Last Song Before Intermission.”
     Act Two opens with the intentionally  awkward humor of “Senior Moments.”   
     If this were “A Chorus Line” the cast line-up would be holding head shots and not the latest issue of the AARP magazine. Nevertheless … you’ll have fun nervously laughing at a number of hilarious vignettes about being over the hill.
     It’s a musical that will appeal to theatregoers who are middle aged and older. Kids? Not so much!
     In fact, if those new-fangled musicals in which today’s whipper-snappers are rapping make you cranky, let me just say this about that: “You can’t be too long in the tooth or short in the gum to like this one!”
     Reminiscing about the past and bracing for the future, theatregoers of a certain age will not fail to identify.  Light hearted and tuneful, the evening provides lots of laughter. You may be laughing so hard that you’re glad you dragged that oxygen tank … and ear trumpets are advised for anyone who says "EH?" really loud after every line!Marlowe's Musings

Boulder’s Dinner Theatre is located at 5501 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder, Colorado

For tickets call 303-449-6000 or go online at bdtstage.com

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