Thursday, October 27, 2016

L-R: Steven Cole Hughes, Wesley Taylor and Erik Sandvold
An Act of God is brimming with humor of the ‘divinely’ satiric variety.
     Television idol, Wesley Taylor is currently personifying and embodying the anthropomorphic version of God through March 12.  His delivery of some hilarious, if sometimes quite controversial material, is extremely smooth and deliciously funny.  
      On Broadway Mr. Taylor appeared in the musicals, “Rock of Ages” and “The Addams
Family.” He was also seen in the television series “SMASH.”
     Critically acclaimed and direct from Broadway, “An Act of God” was written by thirteen - time Emmy award winner David Javerbaum.
     The pacing by director Geoffrey Kent makes the evening fly by. Kent has directed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest” for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival as well as “Metamorphoses” for Aurora Fox Arts.
     In this production God is ably assisted by two of Denver’s finest. Erik Sandvold as Gabriel, reads passages in the two previous Testaments with blithe good will. Steven Cole Hughes serves God as the microphone-fumbling, crowd-working Michael.
     The celestial scenic design by Lisa M. Orzolek is one of the most eye-pleasin’ this season. It’s flanked by screens on which the commandments morph to suit the Deity’s whim. 
     Charles R. Macleod’s lighting design is bright and sunny. Anson Nicholson’s sound design is crisp and clear.
      All done with tongue-in-cheek, it’s stand-up comedy by way of Theology 101.
The Garner Galleria is located at 1101 13th Street in Denver. For tickets call 303-893-4100.

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