Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Church Basement Ladies
Boulder’s Dinner Theatre: 2/22 – 5/12

        “Church Basement Ladies” is an evening of lighthearted uplifting family friendly musical comedy!  What more could you ask?
Left to right: Bren Eyestone Burron, Heather Doris, Wayne Kennedy Alicia Dunfee and Barb Reeves

     Youbetcha! “Church Basement Ladies” is a Heckuvadeal. It’s a very funny musical comedy about da women who fix up “a little lunch” for da congregation whenever there are weddings, funerals or just those special meals for holidays on da Lutheran Church Bulletin.
     When discouraging events come up they remember that God has blessed them with recipes such as lutefisk , creamed peas on toast(Yum!) and lefse – but not La-sa-Gna! These stainless steel magnolias can not only clean and cook but seemingly keep da church afloat with their dauntless efforts to promote good clean living and moral Lutheran decency from right there in that little kitchen below the sanctuary.
Uf da!
     This enchanting evening of musical theatre unfolds with hilarious singing and dancing that’s accompanied by Neal Dunfee and choreographed by his real life wife Alicia who, also plays Karin. The role of Karin’s daughter, Signe, is played by the incomparably talented and lovely to look at Heather Doris. Barb Reeves is the matriarch. What she says in the hierarchy of this kitchen is sort of akin to that of Mother Superior in the Nunsense series. Played with winning panache by Barb Reeves, this character is a heavenly hoot!
      Bren Eystone Burron is howlingly funny as da lady with da hot flashes. Doing absolutely anything that might cause a slight cooling she is hilarious in this midlife meltdown. Eyestone Burron’s performance is so outrageously funny it will put you in mind of those blessed memories of Lucille Ball,
Imogene Coca and Carol Burnett. 

                                                                Bren.Eyestone Burron

     For this performance alone you must fly to the box office. Wayne Kennedy’s Pastor Gunderson, alternately enchanted and exasperated by these female disciples, provides us with just a dash of testosterone in this otherwise estrogen-driven comedy. 

                                                                         Wayne Kennedy

It doesn’t matter what church you grew up in! You’ll see your Mom, your aunts and all those wonderful lunch ladies at your church right up there on da stage.

      Director Curt Wollan is new to BDT and lends a magical touch to this show. It’s inspired by the book “Growing up Lutheran” by Janet Martin and Suzann Nelson. Composer/lyricist Drew Jansen has also penned Troupe America's score for “How to Talk Minnesotan.”

      As a critic my one complaint is they didn’t wear hair nets. Isn’t that against health department rules? Also there is no item on da menu such as lutefisk or creamed peas on toast.  I’m just sayin.’

Tickets for Church Basement Ladies are on sale now. Prices start at just $35, and include both the performance and dinner served by the stars of the show. All tickets for opening weekend (Friday, February 22 - Sunday, February 24, 2013) are just $35. Group rate tickets and season subscriptions are available for all performances throughout the year. Call (303) 449-6000 or log on to www.bouldersdinnertheatre.com for reservations and/or additional details about the show.

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