Sunday, February 17, 2013

                          The Seafarer
             Ashton Productions at Aurora Fox Arts: 2/8 - 3/2

     Those devilish emotions of guilt and shame always come up on a holiday. O, dontchaknow?
Left to Right: Brock Benson, Steef Sealy, John Ashton, Warren Sherrill and Kevin Hart

     Five darlin’ men find themselves cold and alone in a ramshackle shanty in Ireland. All they can do is blather on with a lot o blarney about the old days and the stinkin’ chunks launched by the other winos on their own front steps. 
     One’s blind, one’s in a dark depression and the others have only the unseen fishwives to bring up in complaint after dismal complaint. 
     On this particular Christmas Eve there is more than a wee tooth full of the Harp and Poteen that warms the cockles of these hoary hearts. In fact it could make the unwary theatregoear consider goin’ on the wagon himself. But I didn’t. There was W.W. Weller and Drambuie at me own shanty later.
But I digress.
      One may at first think this show a bit one note in its constant circular spin of nice Christmas pints of Harp and “a drop of the holy water til they’ve blessed themselves.” 

    However … this play’s got a sensible and profound trajectory that might be compared to that of a black jack tire iron that’s skillfully aimed at the very devil of a locked heart.
     Director Michael Stricker has done a superb job of casting and pacing this Tony Award-winning play. The show features some of the finest actors in town: Brock Benson, John Ashton, Steef Sealy, Kevin Hart, and Warren Sherill.

     Sealy’s performance as Richard Harkin is one of the best performances by any actor this season. Sealy steals our hearts… and the show!

The Seafarer is now playing in the Black Box Studio Theatre at Aurora Fox Arts. For tickets call 303-739-1970 Marlowe's MusingsMarlowe's Musings

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