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Imagine that there was a portal through which you could experience the anguish and the bliss of the creative process in a great artist’s consciousness. Then imagine that you've been given the key to that portal and are able to enter in and share the heartbreak and triumph of the creative work. Now imagine that that portal was a stage production in which you were guided by superb direction, brilliant acting and stunning technical work. Next imagine that that production is the pinnacle of the theatre season. It is. It’s Curious Theatre’s production of John Logan’s “Red.”  Logan’s script is a stunner. It’s rich, dense and utterly engrossing. If you happen to be a student of Art History and love it as much as you do the Theatre, you will be transfixed, transported and ecstatic.

    Christy Montour-Larson’s direction is OUTSTANDING.  It’s the very best direction of the season. She somehow makes it possible for the viewer to see Art from multiple perspectives as if he/she were seeing it through a multi-faceted crystal while feeling it through the artist’s heart and mind. Outstanding!

Lawrence Hecht (courtesy of Curious Theatre)

Lawrence Hecht turns in an enthralling performance as Mark Rothko, the renowned abstract expressionist from the 1950s. This superb actor gives us an absorbing look at Rothko’s ego, frustration and passion. Hecht has performed in everything from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to Martin McDonough’s “ A Skull in Connemara.” This performance is a magnificent tour de force. 

Benjamin Bonenfant (photo credit: Michael Ensminger)

   Benjamin Bonenfant is unforgettable in his brilliant portrayal of Ken, the young assistant who moves from artistic ignorance and being emotionally stuck in a traumatic moment of his own past, to the artistic confidence and self-awareness gained by his close proximity to the master at work. (Mr. Bonenfant’s performance as Claudio in Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s “Much Ado About Nothing” was the most brilliant to have been experienced by this reviewer in memory.)      

Lawrence Hecht and Benjamin Bonenfant    (photo credit: Michael Ensminger)

The lighting design by Shannon McKinney is her best work since she gave us  those edible colors for “Inventing Van Gogh.” Susan Crabtree’s scenic design is a wonder. Will Burns’ sound design provides a powerful sonic underscoring. Thanks to Christy Montour Larson’s clear-eyed and sensitive direction there is a balance of all the theatrical elements such as to create the most congruent and satisfying evening of theatre this season. You owe it to yourself to get tickets.

Not to be missed.

Performance Schedule and Times:
Thursday - Saturday; 8 p.m.
Sunday; 2 p.m Curious Theatre Company
1080 Acoma Street
Denver, CO 80204
For tickets call 303.623.0524 or go online at

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