Thursday, July 23, 2015

Legally Blonde,The Musical, Jr.
Town Hall Arts Center:
Friday 7/ 24 and Saturday 7/25 at 7:00pm
                           Jessica Swanson as Elle

Today I went to a mid-week matinee of Town Hall Arts Center’s “Legally Blonde, Jr.” and had a thoroughly good time. This is Robert Michael Sanders’ 18th production at Town Hall Arts Center, both as actor and director. His direction of The Actors Playground at Town Hall is educating the next generation of Colorado’s theatre stars. Shannan Steele’s choreography of the show is teaching these amazing student actors how to move onstage. It’s all about collaboration and teamwork!
     There is so much exuberant expression going on in this show that it’s contagious. This cast is full of young artists who are so in love with theatre it’s palpable.
     Here are a few of the stars of tomorrow who stand out in this summer’s production:
     Jessica Swanson plays Elle Woods, the love struck young lady who will give up everything to get back the guy she thinks is the love of her life…even though he dumps her and treats her like dirt.
     Leonard Gilberson is Warner, that arrogant guy who has all the money and treats Elle so badly.
     Devon Erickson portrays Emmett , that great guy who’s always there for Elle when she needs him.
     Kendra Beeman is Elle’s stylist friend Paulette, who just wants to marry an Irish guy who, can step dance.

     Sam Coto is Kyle the hot Irish UPS man that Paulette falls for.
     As a reviewer I just have to say to the whole fantastic exuberantly expressive cast…
“Oh my God, you guys”…are Great!

Go see this show Friday or Saturday night at 7:00 pm at Town Hall Arts!marlowe's Musings

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