Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cinco de Vox
Su Teatro: 10/26 – 11/11

     “Cinco de Vox” is the fifth installment of the series of Vox Phamalia plays created by Edith Weiss and the members of PHAMALY, Denver’s critically acclaimed theatre company. For five years Weiss and the members of this talented group have gotten together and written sketches that illuminate experiences, which frustrate and/or infuriate individuals who are misunderstood and treated with disrespect by "the normies."  Whether it's provoked by stereotyping or just plain ignorance, PHAMALY’s mostly humorous sketches provide them a chance to give their point of view and show “the normies” how ridiculous they are.

     These artists give the theatergoing public a chance to get entertained while they’re being educated. (Moliere did a similar thing with his audience long ago. And like his audience, we as attendees may sometimes find ourselves laughing at ourselves as they did.) At the core what PHAMALY does with these sketches is point up the truth that we are all human beings looking for love and respect and when we get that other stuff it pisses us off!
     A staple of this show is a sketch in which Denver favorite Lucy Roucis appears as Mother Goose. As Roucis unspools the traditional fairy tale of Snow White to a group of politically correct listeners even the title is seen as “racial profiling.” Perhaps it would be better to think of this character as “Snow Flesh-Hued.” The seven dwarfs are corrected to be seven “vertically challenged” men. Happy is “over medicated and  “Dopey” is “traumatic brain injured.” It’s a treat to see Roucis respond to the listeners as this traditional fairy tale gets buried in political correctness. Her performance is worth the price of admission all on its own.
     Some of PHAMALY’s humor is dark but it’s always funny. In the program notes Director Edith Weiss quotes Ann Lamott in saying that “Laughter is carbonated holiness.”
      Weiss and co-director/co-writer Jeremy Palmer have a real winner on their hands this year.
     The only problem is that it’s nearly sold out for the run. So you’d better …
Run to get a ticket!!!!

Vox PHAMALIA: Cinco de VOX
Vox presents a unique and comedic perspective on living with a disability. It’s how the 17% roll.
October 26 - November 11
Fri./Sat. @ 7:30 p.m.; Sun. @ 2 p.m.; Special Performance: Monday, October 29 @ 7:30 p.m.
$20; Groups of 6 or more: $12 each; Oct. 29 special performance - all seats $10
Tickets are available by calling 303-575-0005 or online at
Su Teatro Performing Arts Center, 721 Santa Fe. Dr., Denver, CO 80126
NOTE: Vox PHAMALIA: is intended for mature audiences, 16 and older.

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