Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Storm
Miners Alley Playhouse:
     “Sweet Storm” is a play unlike anything we see onstage these days. There is an undeniable goodness put forth here that’s just not fashionable any more I guess. It's a breath of extremely welcome fresh air.
     “Sweet Storm” disproves the thought form held so dearly by so many these days that reality is at best a crap shoot and at worst a fearful nightmare.
                             Michael and Rachel Bouchard

     Rachel Bouchard and Michael Bouchard are two  brilliant actors. Their performances here are translucent and in two words: a romantic dream. As newlyweds Boas and Ruthie Harrison, they make us see and feel that although the storm may rage all is well in the world of those in the throes of new love. 
       Intimate and poignant beyond description, they put a sublime tenderness on display here that anyone with amnesia about innocent new love must see to remember.
                    Rachel and Michael Bouchard
      The writing is remarkably and honestly spare. 
Playwright Scott Hudson must be praised in this regard. In many playwright’s hands the simple honesty and goodness inherent in his script would have crashed and burned in the swamps of saccharine and sanctimony.
     Robert Kramer’s directorial skills are well used here. His transparent hand in the proceedings gives free rein to these genuinely brilliant actors.
     Rick Bernstein and Jonathan Scott-McKean have created a sound design that crackles with the stormy electricity being visualized by Scott-McKean’s lightning design.
     Richard H. Pegg’s scenic design, which creates the illusion of a tree house in Lithia Springs, Florida, is his usual professional work.
     This is an ode to the innocent and enduring strength of true love captured at its very beginning. There is no fanfare here. Just innocence, compassion and a simplicity that is utterly enchanting.
See it.

Miners Alley Presents
"Sweet Storm"
The conflict between love, longing and self-preservation fuels the sweet storm between lovers.
June 1-July 8
Fri./Sat. at 7:30 p.m.; Sun. 6 p.m. *(Sunday, July 8 is at 2 p.m.; no 6 p.m. performance that day)
$19.00 - $26.50; senior, student and group rates available.
303-935-3044 or online at

Miners Alley Playhouse, 1224 Washington Avenue (13th and Washington 2nd floor entrance on 13th).

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