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                                              Andy Sievers and Ensemble

With songs by George and Ira Gershwin, and book by Joe DiPietro, this musical was nominated for ten Tonys in 2012.

     Imbued with the directorial genius of Bernie Cardell, and set afire by Christopher Page Sanders’ excellent choreography, Performance Now Theatre Company’s thrilling production is filled to the brim with your favorite Gershwin tunes!

       Andy Sievers, who received the Marlowe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his performance last season in Performance Now’s “The Drowsy Chaperone,” performs the central role of Jimmy Winter in this screwball comedy.  His performance ala ukulele with the instruments in the pit for “Do, Do, Do” will have you in stitches. Brava music director Heather Holt Hall for the insanely funny instrumental accompaniment.

     Dallas Slankard is Billie Bendix, the beautiful bootlegger with the gorgeous voice.  Her renditions of "Someone to Watch Over Me" and  "Hangin’ Around with You" will make you search out her name in every program from now on!

            Aynsley Upton is Eileen Evergreen. This actor's bathtub singing of "Deelishious," bubbles over with hilarity, proving that cleanliness is next to goofiness. (You’ll see what I mean. No spoilers!) This actor has a gorgeous voice and a hilarious stage presence that brings Madeline Kahn to mind.

     Liz Brooks is a perfectly cast Estonia Dulworth. Singing “Demon Rum,” this tea totaling battleship gets to show off a spectacular set of pipes. Later on in the show she gets to do some memorable chandelier shenanigans and a duet of “Looking for a Boy,” with the ubiquitous and always enjoyable character actor, Brian Trampler (Cookie McGee.)

      Tim Campbell is a hoot as Duke, singing  ("Blah Blah Blah!")

     Sophia Montoya-Suson (Jeannie Muldoon) is stalking Duke, thinking he’s an English Duke, and not a bootlegger. This actor can really command the stage. With an outrageously talented voice, she’s a comic force! Her singing of "Do It Again" is a riot. Her other great moment is an unforgettable version of  “‘S Wonderful!”

     Linda Suttle (Millicent Winter), costumed in a dazzling pink gown, and Verl Hite as Max Evergreen, add their acting prowess to the show as well. 

     The actors who perform the roles of vice squad as well as the chorus girls and boys from the speakeasy do a splendid job. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off the dancing of dance captain, Andrew DiGerolamo. Breathtaking!

     Alie Holden dazzles with her Costume Design, as does Emily A. Maddox with the Lighting!

    Andrew S. Bates, Marlowe Award for Set Designer for last season’s "The Drowsy Chaperone," is onboard once again with a well thought out scenic design.

     Heather Holt Hall’s music direction is superlative!!!

     It really doesn’t get any better than an evening of Gershwin music!

Run to get tickets for this sensationally well produced show! 

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