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May 7 – June 8

     A stylistic mash-up of a comedy of manners and a farce, Noel Coward first produced HAY FEVER in 1925.
     Eccentricities abound as the members of the Bliss family invite guests to spend a weekend in their English country home. Each and all have invited someone special without the knowledge of any of the others.
     Leroy Leonard plays David, A self-proclaimed ‘writer of bad novels,’ his wife, Judith (Michelle Moore), a retired actress, and their two spoiled adult children, subject their four guests to a tortuous weekend of witty madness and social malaise. 
    Linda Suttle plays Clara, the maid ‘of many hats,’ who having been Judith’s dresser during her stage career, stitches the play together with just the right contrasting British propriety. As always it is a great pleasure to see Ms. Suttle onstage.
     From awkward introductions to charade-like parlour games, nearly everything is a cue for theatrical excess and flamboyant dramatic expression!         
     Judith’s semaphore-like gestures, accompanied by heightened operatic-like posing, verge on those one remembers from silent films.
     Leroy Leonard(David), Michelle Moore(Judith) and Anne Smith Myers(Myra) are the standouts in this genuinely fine cast. Seen previously in an outstanding performance as the young Helen Keller in Firehouse Theater's "The Miracle Worker," Hannah Lee Ford is hilarious as Sorel Bliss.
     New to this reviewer, Greg Palmer  deserves special mention as Simon.
     Owen T. Niland ( Richard) and Andrew Horsford (Sandy) round out this wonderful cast.
     Ed Baierlein, who brings this hilarious old war horse to life with deft direction, also designed the beautifully appointed set.
     Known for her superb work as a costume designer, Sallie Diamond outdoes herself with frocks, kimonos and flapper apparel of the outrageously funny variety.
     Having seen this show on first preview one can only imagine how delightful it will become upon subsequent viewings.
     Germinal Stage Denver’s production of HAY FEVER comes with high recommendations from this critic’s desk!
     Run to see it!

Ed Baierlein, wife Sallie Diamond and Ginger Valone opened the original Germinal Stage-Denver at 1820 Market St. on Nov. 7, 1974. The company operated for 25 years at 44thand Alcott St. and, after four years of producing in Westminster, Germinal Stage is delighted to have found its new home in Lowry. Marlowe's Musings

Germinal Stage “Hay Fever”
The hilarious comedy of bad manners.
May 10 – June 8
Fri./Sat. at 7:30 p.m. ; Sun. at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets $17 - $25
303-455-7108 or
@ John Hand Theater is located at 7653 East 1st Place, Denver, Colorado 80230

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