Sunday, September 16, 2018

benchmark theatre: 9/15 – 10/13

Anne Myers and Neil Truglio

“Uncanny Valley” is a play about the probabilities – and problems - involving androids or humanoid robots. 
             Anne Myers (Marlowe Award for Best Actress for her astounding portrayal of Amanda in Germinal Stage Denver’s “THE GLASS MENAGERIE,”) is one of our most accomplished actors. As Claire, she gives a nuanced portrayal of a woman, who, at the end of her successful career, is haunted by family traumas. One wonders from the start if she will fall in love with her android creation or be destroyed by it.
       As Julian, Neil Truglio gives us well enacted bio-mimetic mimicry. Mirroring his creator right from the start, Truglio punctuates his performance with well-timed humor. One looks forward to seeing Mr. Truglio again soon upon the Denver stage.
     Director Rachel Rogers has done an admirable job casting and pacing the show.
       John Hauser’s sound design successfully creates tension by bridging the scenes with the grinding and ratcheting of gears as well as the insistent ticking of an imaginary clock. Hauser also provides original electronic music for atmospheric effect during Intermission.
       Perhaps one expects too much of playwright Thomas Gibbons’ script due to memories of other works about artificial intelligence such as those of the machines in Spielberg’s AI, the robotic gunslinger in West World, and the malevolent Hal in Kubrick’s 2001. Both AI and West World can be appreciated on many levels. Nevertheless, they both left this reviewer feeling empty. 
        Although one respects playwright Thomas Gibbons’ ingenious concepts about the evolution of the science of artificial intelligence, this production never delivers the unsettling emotions or creepiness one expects.  Marlowe's Musings

Benchmark Theatre is located at:
1560 Teller Street
Lakewood, Colorado, 80214

For tickets call the Box Office at:   303-519-9059 
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