Monday, August 31, 2015

Relatively Speaking
Germinal Stage Denver: 8/21 - 9/20
     Germinal Stage Denver’s production of Alan Ayckbourn’s “Relatively Speaking” is a delightfully entertaining evening of theatre.        One smiles all through the set-up in the first act  and laughs out loud at the mistaken identities and consequent misunderstandings in the second.
     Directed and Designed by Ed Baierlein and featuring costumes by Sallie Diamond, the show is well worth the trip to the GSD Theatre at 73rd and Lowell.
    Samara Bridwell plays Ginny, the sexy young lady of the piece who is the primary cause of all the confusion. 
     Ben Hilzer plays her eager but naïve boyfriend Greg, who finds an address and follows Ginny assuming that she’s going to visit her family.
     Randy Diamon plays Sheila’s husband, Philip with appropriately stiff British propriety until things get dicey.
     The divine Erica Sarzin-Borrillo, leads this cast of four with a flourish of delightful flightiness and wonder. She’s a true joy to watch.
     This production is a welcome diversion during these dog days of summer.

For tickets call 303-455-7108 or go online at germinalstage.comMarlowe's Musings

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