Monday, May 25, 2015

Young Frankenstein
Town Hall Arts: 5/16 -6/14

                                       Left to right: TJ Hogle and Cory Wendling

     Cory Wendling is a talented musical theatre actor. I enjoyed his performance very much as Rooster in Town Hall Arts’ production of “Annie” last season. What was missing in this production was the requisite crescendo of hysteria. 
                                                     Annie Dwyer as Frau Blucher

     Elsewhere director Nick Sugar’s casting and pacing is of the outrageously impeccable variety. 
Annie Dwyer is a formidable stitch as Frau Blucher (horse whinny.)  May the theatre gods provide us with much more of her phenomenal talents! 

Mark Shonsey reprises the Igor he created for the Vintage Theatre production (Marlowe Award) with polish and flair. 

Eric Mather is very funny as Inspector Hans Kemp. 

TJ Hogle is outstanding as the monster. Made up all blue in the face thanks to Todd Debreceni’s monster makeup magic -and with shoes that make him even taller than he is in real life- Hogle stuns.  

Cashelle Butler‘s performance as Elizabeth, the part played by Madeleine Kahn in the Mel Brooks movie, is passable in Act One and magnificent once the monster has his way with her. Surprised? 

Rob Janzen is hilarious as the ghost of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

     Tina Anderson’s scenic design with its creepy laboratory and forest of cut-out trees is her usual professional work.

 The tracks laid down by Music Director Donna Kolpan Debreceni are exceptional. 

The lighting design by Seth Alison is spot on.Marlowe's Musings

For tickets go online to Frankenstein/ or call 303-794-2787.


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