Monday, July 28, 2014

Don’t Dress for Dinner
Spotlight Theatre Company: 6/28 – 8/16

Left to right: Erica Fox, Bernie Cardell and Jaclin Walsh

     “Don’t Dress For Dinner” is playing in repertory with “Boeing Boeing” at The John Hand Theater on Lowry. This time playwright Marc Camoletti sets the action in a country home outside of Paris.
    While “Don't Dress For Dinner” takes a little longer to build up steam during the set-up in Act One than "Boeing Boeing" did, it makes up for it big time in the second Act.
     "DDFD" has a great cast that includes Joe Von Bokern  and Bernie Cardell continuing their roles as Bernard and Robert in this second of these two Marc Camoletti  farces.
     The ladies in "Don't Dress For Dinner" are all strikingly bodacious and deliciously funny. They are: Erica Fox (Suzette) , Molly Killoran (Jacqueline) and Jaclyn Walsh(Suzette.)
     The romantic entanglements, lies and cover-ups created by these Camoletti characters are crazy-making and hilarious.
    The appearance of TJ Hogle (George) in the final scenes turns up the amps on the laugh-o-meter exponentially.
     It’s all light-weight fluff that’s very entertaining. The perfect antidote for what’s on the evening news!

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