Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boeing Boeing
Spotlight Theater: June 28 – August 16

                          Left to right: Joe Von Bokern, Kelly Alayne Dwyer and Bernie Cardell

     If there’s one theatrical genre at which Spotlight Theatre has succeeded multiple times, it’s farce.
     Spotlight’s production of Marc Camoletti’s “Boeing Boeing,” now on view at The John Hand Theater on Lowry , is one of the funniest they’ve done. It will leave you breathless with laughter.
     Co-directed by Luke Allen Terry and Katie Mangett, the casting is amazing and the pace frenetic.
     Joe Von Bokern is Bernard, a self proclaimed Lothario with a pad in Paris where three girl friends who just happen to be airline stewardesses enjoy the occasional lay-over!
                            Left to right: Todd Black, Joe Von Bokern and Bernie Cardell

     Todd Black is fantastic as Bertrand, the harried butler of the piece. Black’s character has the job of keeping ‘le plat du jour’ lasagna on Italiana day and Weiner schnitzel on Deutsche! Zees poor Franch butler is up to heez eyeballs in schedule complications and menu rearrangement. A very funny performance indeed!
                    Left to right: Nicole Campbell, Kelly Alayne Dwyer and Bethany Lillis
     Nicole Campbell is Gretchen, Bernard’s German girl friend. Bethany Lillis is Gloria, his American amour. Kelly Alayne Dwyer is Gabriella, his Italian.
     All three of these gorgeous women chew up the scenery so joyously you’ll want to shout “Bon appetit!”
     Bernie Cardell plays Robert, a good friend of Bernard who gets sucked into the melee by stopping by to say “hi” and winds up ogling and salivating over every one of his friend’s sexy ‘guests.”
    Cardell has also done the eye-pleasing set design for Bernard’s Parisian apartment near Orly.
     The excellent sound Design is by co-director Luke Allen Terry
     The costumes by Rosemary Smith are Wowzers!

    It would be tragic if you didn’t get over there and see this very funny comedy.
(This show runs in repertory with “Don’t Dress For Dinner.) Marlowe's Musings

For tickets call 720-880-8727 or go online at

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