Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation
Vintage Theatre: 3/9 -4/1

John Guare's play,“Six Degrees of Separation” is based upon the true story of a young black man who conned his way into some upper class homes by playing upon the white owners’ feelings of superiority back in the 1980’s.

Conservative, politically correct and spiritually empty, Flan (Josh Hartwell) and Ouisa (Lisa DeCaro) Kittredge inhabit a world of status and prestige. They drink fine wine, they dine at the finest restaurants and they dress impeccably in the latest haute couture. When they believe they have been robbed by a con man, who has duped them they are confused and momentarily inconsolable. Like their friends, who suffer the same fate for the same reason, they are prime targets for the same con artist. The Kittredges and all of their adult friends have children who are studying in prestigious colleges. They are all successful in their chosen careers. They have cocktail parties at which the awfulness of apartheid is discussed with waspish charity. All of these savvy culture vultures-the Kittredges even own a Kandinsky- are so love starved they jump at the vague possibility of being seen in a movie of “Cats,” that’s being produced by a black director. One is used to hearing about a show’s principals in reviews. Josh Hartwell and Lisa DeCaro are certainly brilliant. Seldom, however, does one hear about the supporting cast. Every single member of the supporting cast knows who he is portraying, and why, communicating it brilliantly in every bit of facial, physiological and verbal expression. Much of this is thanks to director Len Matheo’s talent for eliciting fine performances from actors both young and old. Although Josh Hartwell appears to be a rather youngish Flan and Theo Wilson a bit long in the tooth for Paul, both turn in splendid performances. Not a perfect production, it is nevertheless a supremely satisfying evening of theatre. 
There is a whole new generation of theatergoers who are "Six Degrees of Separation" virgins so I will say only one thing more so as not to spoil the fun.
Run to get tickets.
Just FYI: the play includes nudity and adult situations.

Lisa DeCaro (Ouisa) and Theo Wilson (Paul)
Photo credit: Ellen Nelson

Six Degrees of Separation plays through April 1 Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30p.m. and Sundays at 2:30p.m. The show includes adult content and nudity. For tickets call 303-839-1316 or go online at

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