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                 L-R: Riley Fisher,Abigail Kochevar and Patric Case

BDT STAGE’S production of THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL IS THE HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN this summer as far as family entertainment goes. 


Riley Fisher is OUTSTANDING in the role of SpongeBob. The short, muscular actor has the good looks and voice that make him the perfect casting choice! Fisher’s athletic performance even includes walking on his hands at one point. His renditions of “Bikini Bottom Day” and “Best Day Ever!” are just two of Fisher’s amazing vocals.

     Patric Case portrays SpongeBob’s best friend, Patrick Star, with an endearing performance, and a voice that can really wail! His Gospel-flavored “Super Sea Star Savior” rocks!!! “BFF,” his duet with SpongeBob, is hilarious.

     The lovely Abigail Kochevar portrays SpongeBob’s underwater squirrelfriend…er girlfriend, who gets to unleash her awesome voice in the Flaming Lips song, “Tomorrow is.”

     Bob Hoppe gets the plum role of Squidward Q Tentacles. This actor’s exhilarating performance of the glitzy “I’m Not a Loser,” by They Might Be Giants, is one of the truly memorable numbers in the show.

     Brian Murray is a sensational Eugene Krabs!

     Scott Severtson is hilariously bombastic in the role of Patchy, the Pirate. His singing of “Poor Pirates” is the very fun number that leads us out of Intermission and into Act Two.

     When Chas Lederer had to miss opening night due to illness, Matthew Peters stepped in with only 36 hours notice.  This actor gave a terrific performance in the role of Sheldon J. Plankton, the villainous and naughtical (sorry!) organism you love to hate. Together with the beautiful Ray Leigh Case as Karen, his computerized accomplice, they try to assure us that Bikini Bottom will indeed be destroyed!!!

     Based upon Steven Hillenberg’s beloved Nickelodeon cartoon series, THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL will enthrall children and parents alike this summer at BDT STAGE. 

      When on Broadway this show tied with MEAN GIRLS for the most (12) nominations at the 2019 Tony Awards ceremony. Having become such a national pop culture hit, many artists were thrilled to write music for the show. Panic at the Disco, The Flaming Lips, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper, They Might Be Giants and more, created songs for this show that really Rock! The production also secured the rights to use “No Control,” a David Bowie/Brian Eno number.

     The story involves the ever-optimistic SpongeBob and his quirky band of friends in the undersea world of Bikini Bottom.  As our story begins, the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom discover that Mount Humungous, a nearby volcano, is going to erupt and wipe out their world within 48 hours. Our hero decides that he must mobilize his friends and neighbors to prevent this disaster from occurring.

      Boulder/Denver favorite Alicia K. Meyers, who directs the show also plays the local news reporter, Perch Perkins. Director Meyers has cast the show with true expertise, as well as bringing in the usual excellent techies at BDT STAGE. 

     Wayne Kennedy’s expertise with Sound Design even extends into a just off stage foley artist gig, which enhances the show with numerous sound effects. Kennedy also narrates the proceedings.

     Upon entering the dining area theatregoers are regaled with an enormous goldfish bowl – one of several wondrous projections by Tom Quinn. Flanking the bowl there are numerous nautical tools. Wooden posts and rope figure prominently in M. Curtis Gritner’s scenic design, indicating that we, as audience are just inside the pier that overlooks Bikini Bottom.   

    Linda Morken’s ingeniously mismatched and super-colorful costume design is delightful.

     Brett Maughan’s lighting design is his usual professional work.

     Music Director Neal Dunfee conducts the world class BDT orchestra magnificently. Mary Dailey contributes her excellent skills as Vocal Director.


The menu is as great as ever!!! Try the delicious Tuna Poke as hors d’oevre! It’s yellow fin ahi tuna dressed in sesame, tamari, green onion and cucumber, served with rice puff chips. Deelish.

     My guest for the evening enjoyed the Chicken Cordon Bleu and yours truly sampled the Chef’s Special. On this evening it was Osso Bucco! Absolutely Divine!!!

     And don’t forget the award-winning key lime pie for dessert!


Get over to BDT STAGE and experience this entertaining evening of musical theatre. You’ll be glad you did!!!



For tickets call the Box Office at 303-449-6000 or go online at bdtstage.com

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